Busy Busy week!

I’ve had fun fun fun and a productive few evenings 🙂  Been a little busy during the day so haven’t had time to post.  I’m just going to write a very short summary as I am off to visit my family next week and I should be packing!

Soooo… On Wednesday night, Saraya went to Vaults with Ash, Glarim, Jianne, Emaimee and Ruari for the anaphylaxis pre requisite quest, and we then went on to Maiden’s.  I completed Anaphylaxis and (even better) Dimzad’s coercer got his final update for his epic – yay grats! Saraya was so close to 80 that Ash, Glarim and Pox very kindly came along and mentored her through half of the new Lavastorm quests and she dinged 80 😀  yippee! now just some shards to collect and an epic weapon to get 😉

On Thursday night – we did 2 runs of Obelisk of Ahzkul as it was double shard and then we (ash, glarim, jianne, fearghal and jarad) went off and cleared Chelsith and got Saraya’s epic updates done – thanks again!

On Friday night we did the double shard quest in Obelisk of Bazzul (sp?), which was lots of fun – I had only cleared this zone once before and it was much much easier this time thankfully.  I then did the solo parts of the inq epic and Dimzad came along and helped me kill the named skelly in Jarsath Wastes.  We were a little doubtful we could duo it – but she died quite quickly – yay!

Finally, last night I was invited out to raid with our ally Guild.  We did the first 2 nameds in Tomb of the Mad Crusader and the first 3 in Shard of Hate – there were 3 groups of us rather than 4.  This is the first time I have raided properly in over a year, so I was pretty nervous and slightly ill prepared.  It was loads of fun though, its the first time I have been out adventuring with the other guild and they seem like a nice, fun bunch of people.  It seems as though I will get a few more opportunities to raid with them too.  I didn’t do too badly on the parser either – I was generally 5th or 6th.  I think I will be able to improve my dps too – it is partly down to not having the same dps buffs and these guys being *slightly* better geared but much of  it is also down to my unfamiliarity with the zone/mobs, rusty raid playstyle and my gear / CAs needing some tweaking – so a lot I can work on 🙂

Anyways, it is unlikely I will be posting next week as I am away with the baby while we have some work done on the house,  I probably will only be able to log in to game for short periods (if at all) too.

I hope everyone else has lots of fun!


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