Fiery fun

I was rather evil last night… Dimzad was supposed to be going to his ninjitsu class but he looked kinda tired and not as keen as he usually does, so I enticed him to stay home with the offer of beers and questing!  We were going to carry on with the Moors questline (yawn lol) but we had a quick peek into Lavastorm and as it didn’t look too bad, decided to do those quests instead.  We did the whole lot in an evening and didn’t have *too* much competition for mobs.  I actually thought they were quite fun questlines and all in all pretty easy.  Well very easy for our ranger and zerker duo.  I think, if I was solo, I would have had to take it a little slower and adds would have been fairly deadly (they do hit fairly hard lol), but I think I still could have completed quite easily and quickly :).  The solo shard quest didn’t take too long either, I much prefer doing a few of those per week, in spare 1/2 hrs,  to doing a grey instance to be honest.  Plus if I run Saraya (inq) and Asirra (assassin) through, that’s another couple of shards each.  Oh I also made about 9 plat and dinged 177 AA 🙂

Hmm thinking about it I should have run Asirra through those lines with Dimzad (I HATE soloing with my assassin – I find it really annoying for some reason… )  My assassin would have gone much better with his zerker than his coercer or conjuror…  Oh well, it’ll add a bit of interest I guess 😛

We also started the lvl 40ish questlines for the Sootfoots – I really want that tinfoil hat 😛  There are times in our guild when we all say the same thing at the same time, which is a little spooky and I’m hoping the tinfoil hat will stop the rest of my guildies reading my thoughts 😉

Oaphepia is now a lvl 70 tailor (yay!) and I’m going to quickly run her through the tradeskill quests that I’ve missed before the final push to 80 for her.  Next in line will be my jeweller (lanegan), and then finally with a 40% TS xp boost will be my carpenter (saraya).  I also started tinkering on Saraya…  Hmm I really am a glutton for punishment!

Trying to decide what to do with my assassin.  She is still useful as she stands (lvl 80, 141 AA but no epic / shard gear) for an alt run through obelisk etc for double shards and obviously now for the solo shards.  Although I have officially retired her (another predator…, wanted to play a different type of class at 80 etc, couldn’t face getting the Reet faction AGAIN for her epic, getting shards for her armour, *cries* no not the moors quests again!! 😉 etc),  I do sometimes miss playing her though – she was huge fun to play in groups (and *cough* she looks really cool ;))  Hmm maybe I will carry on with her epic quest…  (yep too many goals here I think! ah well…)  I will be expecting the whole guild to hide when I ask them to help me slay 75 froglok slaves for my inq epic quest – bye bye reet faction 😛 lol


3 comments on “Fiery fun

  1. Kalyyn had to go see a Norrathian Quack today, turns out he has some severe allergy to Frogloks, if he gets anywhere near them he turns green and starts to run around like a demented chicken! the starngest thing is though, it seems to be contagious as Pox and Ashen have it too …………….:P

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