Thinking hat is on…

I have been playing the last few days, however much of my time in-game has been spent crafting, sorting out my broker slots and moving Saraya to a 2 room house in Freeport and starting the decorating for it.  I did start to write my blog but thought hmm its really not very interesting to read at all!  I did the new Lavastorm crafting faction quests last night with Suzita and Saraya but didn’t even try to start the new adventuring ones as it was such a bun fight!  I’m looking forward to investigating all the new content though 🙂  I also did some of the Bristlebane quests and collected enough purple shinies for my 4 adventurers.

I had been particularly looking forward to the new x2 raid zone.  I felt that this had been at least partly designed for Guilds like my own – small-ish casual guilds able to field a core group with enough other members to make up a full x2 raid force.  However, as Kalyyn mentioned in his blog we are currently going through a particularly quiet time with the Guild.  I have been part of this Guild for nearly 3 years now, and this isn’t the first quiet period we have had to deal with by far.  I know that our numbers will increase again, people will return and our Guild Hall will be busy and bustling again.  As Kalyyn suggests, it seems to be linked to a slight burnout of the latest expansion and the sun starting to shine, as it is about the same time each year that it happens 😉  It also seems to be server-wide which does point to those reasons too.

However, it does feel particularly disappointing this year.  Emaimee suggested that it is perhaps because that the Guild had been so busy and so fun for a while that the drop in numbers seems even more marked this time plus of course a number of us had been especially looking forward to our Guild taking on the new x2 raid content which we currently cannot do.  On a positive note we do have some plans to increase our grouping opportunities (will elaborate on this when the time is right!) and our numbers will build again so there will still be plenty of fun to be had in the next few months!  The other thing of positive note is that previous years’ lulls have left us with 6-8 people playing in the guild (in total!), I think this year we have 6-8 people who log in most nights WITH about another 6 people who log in at least a few times a week. 

The officers have also been discussing ways to counteract this (like the plans mentioned above) and these discussions have really forced me to reflect upon what I enjoy doing in the game and what I hope to get out of it.  

My playtime is restricted to evenings when the baby is asleep, with a few short/mostly afk daytime sessions.  I am reluctant to join pickup groups (if nothing is going in guild) as I would not expect a PUG to be patient with a baby-related afk whereas my guildies are extremely understanding and patient (and a few of them are in the same position).  I like to have a couple of nights where I can basically mess around with baby alts or decorating or suchlike but my main focus is furthering my main character Suzita my ranger (and also Saraya my inq so she is a strong and useful alt).  I have done much of the content of this game, in terms of challenging myself and furthering my character all I can really do now is starting hitting the harder instances and raid… Currently it is difficult to do the more challenging content within Guild but as I said earlier, we have some ideas to deal with this.  I used to raid by the way, never hardcore and never as part of a raid guild, but I used to love it, really enjoyed it so if I get the chance to raid once or maybe twice a week it would be absolutely fantastic (if a bit scary as I haven’t raided for so long lol!)  Well… we shall see 😉


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