Level 79 at last!

I had good fun in Norrath this weekend.  I started off by trying to complete the quest for the Bogstrutter walking stick which would give Saraya as 35% run speed boost.  I thought this would be quite easy as it is just locations dings…  well it is except for 1 location.  This location is either available through a questline or through jumping off the overlook with some kind of featherfall.  Well Saraya doesn’t have featherfall and as I was doing this quest on and off during the day on Saturday I couldn’t ask a guildy who did have featherfall to help me….  So.. OK then, I’ll do the questline I thought.  Easy huh?!  Well not quite, I firstly had to kill 3 nameds (non heroic), I did manage to kill these although a couple of them had seemingly huge amounts of HP and nasty interrupts and kickbacks.  After dying a couple of times I respecced my AA to include the immune to interrupt and planting myself against a wall helped tremendously too and then killed these nameds without *too* many problems.  It is actually quite a fun little quest line, for the last part I ended up taking the form of a rat, scuttling through some planks to kill a chest, and then back out to click a wheel to get to the The Brokenskull Captain’s Sanctuary.  I killed the Captain and completed the quest and also got the location ding for the Bogstrutter quest.  So Saraya now has a rather nice run speed boost which is much needed 🙂  yippee!  Although it seemed a long haul, I think it was because I was doing it on and off in spare 5 minutes.  If I had waited until the evening (when baby was asleep) it probably would have been much quicker and far less painful 😉

On Saturday evening, Kalyyn very kindly logged Ashenshugar and Poxridden in and helped Saraya get her last 9% xp to ding lvl 79 and 123 AA – even more yippees!!  We both completed the Ykeshan and Thullosian language quests which was great 🙂  It will be much easier to collect shards now that I have 3 characters able to do the double shard quests 🙂

Finally on Saturday evening, a bunch of us went off with Magania to get updates for the Thread of Hope HQ.  We had a fun time invissing through Lavastorm and the Temple and Saraya picked up the Tinkering with Toggery pre-requisite quest as she hadn’t done the live event version.  We partly cleared a level 50 version of Deep Forge (and completed a shard quest) and cleared down to the Jail area in Najena’s Tower for the book update.  Magania now just has to kill the heroics and epic that Najena conjures now.  

On Sunday night, Glarim needed an epic update in Karnor’s Castle so Suzita, Ashenshugar and Emaimee went along to help.  While we were there we also completed the Water carries the sound and Drolvarg Observations questlines.  We also killed most of the nameds available in there, I looted a rather nice power regen earring for Saraya (which I accidentally put on the broker until I remembered!)  Suzita also dinged 175 AA – YIPPEE!  I finally finished by staying up too late re-organising my broker slots 😛


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