We logged in last night with the intention to go to Runneye 2 as we had never completed the zone.  However, myself, Dimzad and Kalyyn were the only lvl 80s available so RE2 was out.  After some faffing about deciding what to do, waiting to see if anyone else would log in, we decided to go to Chelsith so that Dimzad could get Glarim’s coercer epic updates.  He just needed to kill fishmen until he got an update.  So Kalyyn took Ashenshugar his pally (with Poxridden his wizzy on follow), I took Saraya my inq and Dimzad rather obviously took Glarim his coercer 😛

We moved towards the first named killing fishmen and decided to have a go at killing a couple of nameds while we were here.  Ash has his epic and shard armour, however Glarim has neither and Saraya is still lvl 78, so we were a little dubious about our capabilities for trioing the nameds.  But… it all went very well, we actually cleared the zone up until the last named (he was just a bit too much lol) – yay!  The biggest yay is for the Ranger Master that dropped – YAYAYAYAYAY!   I think this is the first time I have personally looted a ranger master, all my previous tier masters were either bought or given to me 🙂

We did wipe quite a lot though – mainly through the add frenzy of the flamming secernments and ghastly excretions (aka Poo).  I could handle healing through 1 possibly 2 adds, but 4 or 5 were a bit too much lol.  Glarim did some great mezzing too which certainly made my job much much easier 🙂  I am quite proud of the 3 of us for doing as well as we did 🙂  I think the most frustrating thing about last night was Saraya’s run speed lol it took forever for her to get around the zone…  I’m sure it was part of the cause of the wipes on the last named as I couldn’t run in quick enough after Ash 😦  It is at 0% which is pretty slow 😛  Kalyyn suggested getting my Saraya’s crafting to 80 and getting the Earring of the Solstice as the run speed effect stays once it is unequipped.  That will take a fair bit of effort though as she is lvl 41 carpenter so I will look into some other run speed boosts in the meantime – e.g. check out the reward from the Bogstrutter quest in the Moors, SOW totems etc.  I can’t waste any AA on boosting run speed as where it is pretty low (dinged 122 though!) I need to make more useful healing choices with it.

I suspect it will be a quiet night in game tonight as Dimzad is out and won’t be back until late evening.  So I think I shall just plan to do some crafting and maybe some pickling later 😉


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