our new nemesis?

Well last night was fairly frustrating!  We’d decided to get the HQ starter in Kor’Sha.  Kalyyn had been through this zone with a pickup group and thought our guild group could definitely get as far as the starter although probably not manage the end boss.  It was all going swimmingly until the first named Sanedrac the Lost.  We knew the strat (the reflections and the dot), expected to wipe once or twice as it was a new boss – but we couldn’t kill him….  Without wanting to sound like a whiner, we truly think he was bugged or something – the emote, dot and power wipe on the tank happened instantaneously – Kalyyn had said that the previous time he had killed this named, he had a second or two to clear the dot but this time it all happened at the same time.  We tried everything we could think of – myself, Jianne and Ruari going to auto attack only so Dimzad could keep the hate with his dps and save the little power he managed to claw back for taunts (I did feel particularly sorry for Ruari – a warlock tickling a mob with a sparkly stick lol).  We got him down to 25% once in this fashion, until we had a bit of bad luck and we wiped.  Well we carried on with this strat for a while (and the healers spamming cure in the hope of getting lucky) but each time the dot appeared, Dimzad’s power was wiped at once with no chance for the healers to cure.  Kalyyn checked ACT and the emote/dot/power drain were happening instantaneously – it was very very strange.  Once Dimzad’s power was gone, that was it really – game over – Ema and Kal did a great job keeping Dimzad alive for as long they did.  

Has anyone else experienced this?  Have we missed something? 

We called it in the end.  I went off and grumpily collected some book pages in Zek I hadn’t bothered to find before – got another 4 tome collections finished even though I haven’t really room in my house for them 😉

oh our previous nemesis was Sandstorm for quite a while lol.


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