Dragon food?

Had a very busy day yesterday so didn’t get time to post.  Had a very fun and varied evening on Monday.  Magania (conjy) had set up a guild event for Klakanon and was missing a healer, so I took Merla my warden along.  Modron did a great job of tanking and we had some uber dps from Jianne (80 swashie), Minowa (70 warlock) and Yharlie (80 Illy).  Was lots of fun running round killing clockworks – I just love the way they smash apart when they die.  We got a couple of quests finished and gained lots of AA 🙂

After we had finished that Solinarii and Zain asked for help killing Broog in Sinking Sands – so a fair few of us went over there and went on a small epic slaying spree 😉  We killed the giant and Meathooks in Sinking Sands and then went into POF and killed the harpy (can’t remember her name!)  We then went off looking for the dragon Barakah but unfortunately he was not up… We did try to baste Poxridden in gravy as bait but, perhaps unsurprisingly, a smelly, gravy smeared ratonga didn’t do the trick 😉  Was a bit of a disappointment he wasn’t around as we were on a roll 😉 but the search for Barakah did at least set off a rather silly and funny raid conversation:


The A Team lives on...

The A Team lives on....

Suzita did get some AA from killing those epics too which was fantastic.  To finish the evening I and Yswbriel (fury) ending up helping Sheea (bruiser) kill Sothis in Halls of Fate.  Was a very fun group and as the zone had been part cleared was very quick too.  Sheea and I got our updates from Sothis (it turned out I needed to kill him too lol) and as Sheea only needed 6% to level, I mentored and we went on a xp rampage until Sheea dinged 70  😉  Grats again 🙂

I logged Suzita on last night and the lovely St Kalyyn made 5 pieces of the T2 armour for her 😀  I only need 8 shards now to complete the set, plus some extra to upgrade a couple of pieces of jewellery and charm slot – yippee!  Yharlie then got a group together for Evernight Abbey (suzita, Ashenshugar, Emaimee, Jianne and Ruari).  I do like this zone, I always like vampire slaying and the script for the end boss hasn’t got too old yet and is still fun.  We got our shards, a run of ornate chests (bah!) and Jianne and Ruari got their quest updates.  So we then headed over to the Pythoness…  Well we had 3 attempts and decided to save our sanity and just leave her!  We have killed her in the past so its no big deal 😉 and we may pop in tonight to finish her off 😉


2 comments on “Dragon food?

  1. that was a fun run through SS and PoF, i love those guild groups where everyone just has a laugh 🙂

    I still like the Thex encounter in Abbey too, especially when tanking, I get to use my bossiest of bossy-tank macros!

    GET OUT!!!
    BACK IN!!!!

  2. Yeah I ran Evernight with the boys on Sunday night too – it is a fun fun zone. The Pythoness REALLY is a heck of a nasty lady. She hits darned hard.

    I am terrified at missing the root cure on the tank and he gets fried in the sun during the kill of the last named.

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