Void beasts, Orcs and Mad Dwarves

A fun weekend gaming for me, although I kept to either easy group/duo stuff or soloing as baby boy had a cold and was finding it difficult to sleep (poor thing) so I needed to be able to ninja afk a lot 😉   So on Saturday night, we did a couple of double shard runs in Obelisk of Ahzkul and killed lots of void beasties.  I am getting very close now to having enough shards for my T2 armour, although admittedly I have been slacking on the shard front.  After that, I carried on questing with Pickle and finished the quest lines in Butcherblock.  I tried to pick up the HQ starter from the Aqua goblin but irritatingly I wasn’t able to kill him so I picked the signature quest starter from Greater Faydark and started that instead.  I got to the stage where you need an update in Crushbone Keep and then finished for the night.

On Sunday evening, I started doing a few quests in Thundering Steppes with Pickle before I got a little bored and headed off to the Ruins of Varsoon.  I killed a couple of nameds in there (Spider Queen and Alchemist Pinjula) and decided it was time to try Varsoon again 😛  Well I still didn’t kill anything inside there but I lasted longer than I had the first time!  I decided to respec as I had put my AA into the KOS tree first – I’ve now completed the Tainted Heals line in the Necro tree, added some into the pet heal, into health and power in the Shadows lines and put my remaining points into the STA line of KOS.  I think my pet will now survive much more and hopefully I can now start taking on some harder mobs (the Aqua Goblin WILL die and so will Varsoon!)  

Dimzad had just finished getting his Danak hammer with Glarim when I persuaded him to have a trip to Crushbone Keep with Pickle.  Half the zone is grey at lvl 35 which to be honest was a relief and made running round getting quest updates much easier.  Dimzad and I completed 3 quests in there A sense of History/Revisionist History, Gruedheim Steel and Dishonoured Dead.  As well as killing a few nameds we also completed the small instance in there The D’Vinnian Throne.  There were 3 nameds in there but sadly nothing very exciting dropped.  However I did get 1.5 AA points  and Dimzad got 50% AA for the night, so good fun indeed 🙂  I did find I had to stay on my toes duoing with that mad zerker dwarf, his favourite pastime is charging into a room full of orcs and aoe’ing them down so I was actually using my little necro heal on him hehe.  There seemed to be a lot for me to do – heal mad dwarf, heal crazy pet, lifetap heal myself, remember to set my pet attacking on each different mob and try do some damage myself before the mobs were dead *sigh* the busy, challenging life of an evil necromancer eh? lol  Was good fun though, and was nice to be contributing, as mentoring can be so overpowered that quite often the mob is dead before I’ve finished my first cast…

I don’t think we have anything planned for the week ahead.  If I can sneak on for an hour in late afternoons I shall do a little crafting or shiny hunting and I really ought to concentrate on Saraya in the evenings this week I think.  She only has 120 AA points at level 78 😦  I may do some grey HQs, carry on with Fistful of Dollars questline and/or carry on with the Fens timeline.  I may also look at doing some of the zones she completely missed out on.  With the increase in XP gain and the fact that healers are always useful, I’ve found it very easy to level Saraya.  Unfortunately levelling through instances does mean that AA is missed out on.  I haven’t even run through Loping Plains or Bonemire with her!  Still I guess it is all still there for her to do but the aim of 185 AA does seem rather scary (its bad enough for Suzita who is on 173!!)  Oh well, I will worry and work for my main character suz, and saraya will get there when she gets there 😉

I’ve updated my screenshot blog – I’ve decided to publish 1 picture every Monday 🙂


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