I managed to sneak on for a little while during the late afternoon and did a little bit of crafting.  I did a couple of writs with Saraya and got her to 1 million status points (hehe sorry just can’t stop thinking of Dr Evil now :P) and level 42 carpenter (lol now i’m thinking of the 80s band :P) I then switched to Oaphepia and did a few writs with her and dinged level 65 carpenter.  Very nice 🙂

I had organised an event hoping for 2 groups to do a couple of instance runs but in the end only the level 80s had signed up on the calendar and so there were only enough of us for 1 group.  After a little discussion we decided to go off to Nizara, the instance in Forsaken City. I think only Senquus (warden) had really been in here before,  at one time I remember this zone just being too hard!  I guess this is the silver lining in this massive raise in AA – the fact that you are looking at and aiming to finish old quests in your journal and going to zones you never had the time or reason to visit.  It does add more variety to just running the new shard zones and *cough* the Moors questline.

The group in the end were Ashenshugar (pally), myself, Senquus, Jianne (swashie), Yharlie (illy) and Fearghal (defiler).  We ended up mentoring to Fearghal (74) to give us a little more challenge but to be honest this zone is still not a walkover!  We didn’t have many problems, we did wipe 2 or 3 times (mainly through surprises) but those nameds still hit quite hard!  I got roughly a whole AA point out of the zone, as did most of the group which was pretty cool.  Unfortunately I had to go afk quite a bit throughout the zone as baby boy wasn’t sleeping very well so I missed 2 of the book updates and so didn’t get to finish The Rift quest.  The group were very sweet and offered to wait before killing the final named so I could get my updates but I felt that they had been in here long enough already and after them being so patient with my afks, I thought it was too cheeky to ask them to wait while I faffed around trying to find the books in that maze of a zone!  So we killed the last named (yippee!), then everyone called and I stayed in the zone to get the 2 book updates ready for a return visit.   With a very lucky kamikaze jump, I jumped straight into the room with my first missing update!  jammy or what eh?  I then pasted in another loc and with huge amounts of luck it was firstly the one I was missing and secondly I ran straight there without getting lost!  Honestly if I had asked the group to wait you can guarantee I would have been running round like a headless chicken for ages and just finding uncleared mobs instead of book updates!

To finish the night I logged to Pickle and carried on with the final questline in Butcherblock Mountains.  I did a few of these quests and dinged 39 AA points.  At that point I logged off feeling quite happy as although we haven’t done any shard runs for a while or have tested ourselves in a new zone for a while, it was a very productive day 🙂


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