A bit of pickling ;)

I was going through my alts last night sorting out the shared bank slots and I only got as far as Pickle when I realised that what I actually wanted to do was Pickle about 😉  So I took my little lvl 34 necro off to Butcherblock to finish off a few quests.  I just love soloing with Pickle, she is quite powerful and as she is quite squishy it is very handy to have a pet to hide behind.  I did a couple of writs to kill Krulkiels for Gorowyn too while I was there.  I ended up soloing the whole lot including a couple of blue nameds (yay!) and then my last quest to do was All quiet on the Western Front…  I didn’t think I’d be able to solo that so I called on the help of the lovely little dwarf Dimzad 😉  He was questing away with Glarim in Jarsath Wastes and to be honest I think he was glad for a break from doing the repeatable faction quests 😛  Anyway a mentored down super dwarf dealt with the 3 waves of bugbears very quickly and easily for me!  We then decided to pop into Kaladim so Pickle could get the Bugbear lore and legend – oh that sounds so simple….  A lvl 80 zerker clearing a path for the baby necro… lol if only it was…  Pickle kept getting hit and one shotted from AOEs and died too many times so Dimzad ended up logging in his conjuror and Pickle had a super speedy Call of the Hero taxi to the L&L book 😉  Thanks very much!!

Pickle handed in her final couple of quests and she now has 38 AA points 🙂  I thought I had done all the available quests in Butcherblock but I went down to the docks and found another questline – gah! The first quest is grey but the rest of the line is green and should be fairly easy, so I will run through that quite soon to finish it off 🙂  After that, I think I will run through and do a few quests in Thundering Steppes and Ruins of Varsoon to try to get her AA to around 40-42 before I go off to Enchanted Lands, Zek, Feerrott and Steamfont.   I’m not aiming to do every single quest in every single zone – I am just enjoying doing some content that I either have not done before or have not done while green (or higher).  Also given the AA increase of the last expansion, it will be nice to get a character to 80 and not have 60 (or more) AA points to grind 😉

Tonight should be a lot of fun – I’ve organised an instance night for the guild.  I was aiming to have 2 groups going (1 at lvl 60+ to do an EOF instance and 1 at 75+ for a shard run) but so far only level 80s have signed up.  We shall see who logs on a bit later though and take it from there 🙂


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