flying pigs and beer…

On Wednesday I completed the Brell day quests with Saraya – I love the new rewards for Snoogle’s Presentation (the plushies), I chose the pink elephant for suzita and the flying pig for saraya lol.   I do like Brell day and I have had a few RL beers to join in 😉  I then went red shiny hunting with suzita as I had suddenly realised I hadn’t completed a fair few of these!  The rewards are quite nice (fae arbor particularly) but obviously the main draw with these was the AA.   I still need to complete the red shiny quests in Enchanted Lands and Greater Fay.

On Thursday Dimzad and I continued on with the Moors questlines…. yep it takes the guild being very quiet in order to force yourself to do these 😉  I now have all 3 recipe books (Survival Accord, Guktan and Grobb) and can make the nifty new house items 🙂  We still have to do the ‘dress up as a pirate’ questline (there is something putting me off doing that… dunno what lol), but we have now completed the Docks, UJL, Firmroot Moot, Tupta and Grobb quest hubs and will be moving on to the Tillage Patch and the Shadowed Clefts soon.  We still need to work on the new lvl 80 HQs – am partway through these and move the signature quest along a bit.  We found Professor Fondfate at the ruins the other night, I knew that some adds would pop so we finished killing the mobs we needed for the quest and then went over to him.  Unfortunately I went a bit too close, before Dimzad was ready and the adds popped.  Dimzad died but I managed to feign death and then used the tinkered rez item to revive Dimzad – yay for tinkering!  We then had another go and killed Fondfate’s guards – yippee!  It was a very fun fight with Dimzad using all his little zerker and tinkerer tricks to stay alive (they can be quite hard to kill those little zerker dwarves – just when you think you’re going to wipe their health comes back from the red AGAIN lol) and I was doing my absolute utmost to stick as many arrows in them as I could to kill them fast and trying not to pull aggro!  It was quite close but we did it on the 2nd attempt and we did feel quite proud of ourselves after that 😉

Am waiting for Dimzad to finish collecting the statuettes and then we can begin the next stage of Swords of Destiny.  I think some other guildies (St Kal and Ema for sure) will also need so will be fun to run round the EOF zones.  I’m really looking forward to blasting our way through Castle Mistmoore – oh I knew the floor well in there 😛


3 comments on “flying pigs and beer…

  1. That is funny – I have a heck of a time convincing myself to do the Moors quests as well. I know I need the AA – it is just that spending 10 minutes running from point A to point B then back to A to deliver some item for some NPC I do not care about on a quest I am not vested in seems … well … blah. I’d rather go hunt shards, beat on mobs or level my alt.

    Heh, this is an amusing, if not ironic, attitude from a guy playing a game called EverQuest, I suppose 🙂

  2. lol yes the irony of it being everquest is amusing 😉 I just don’t know why these particular set of quests are making me grind my teeth at the thought of them! I love the TSO expansion, the zones are gorgeous, the 3 different factions with the crafting tie-in is great… but… if I have to kill or train past *another* blood gorger I’m really not sure I shall be responsible for the outcome 😛

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