Moors and more crafting quests ;)

I was pretty tired last night so I had a nice relaxing game session.  I ended up carrying on the crafter line of quests in the Moors.  I had thought that Ship Out was it after getting another quest from Varick (and some checking on EQ2 traders) it turns out each faction (Guktan, Survival Accord and Grobb) have a further series of quests for us crafters.  The Guktan one is a bit of a pain as you have to go Zek, Kylong Plains and Greater Faydark to speak to a master woodworker, go back to the Moors and then have to revisit the zones to collect crafting ingredients.  But you get a nice whack of faction for each quest (5,000) and suzita was on over 20k faction with Guktan by the end of it and able to buy the crafting recipe book which has the gorgeous little firefly jars 🙂  I also found the 2 extra survival accord faction quests from Mug (he doesn’t have a feather over his head) which is basically cataloguing npcs for the first quest and various mobs for the 2nd.  I also did the Grobb additional crafter quests (argh! 30 rats to trap!!), but still need to raise my faction to 20k for the recipe book.  Hopefully the adventure quests there will get my faction up fairly painlessly.  I also think that the Grobb faction has some nice appearance armour but I will need to get my faction up to 40k I believe for that :/

Well that took up most of the evening and tonight I think we may be doing Deep Forge as I think it is the double shard 🙂


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