Its oh so quiet!

The guild has been very very quiet in the last couple of weeks – we’ve gone from having around 10-15 people on regularly in the evenings to around 2 to 7.  I know a few people are away on holiday and a couple of people aren’t feeling 100% well though.  Ah well I guess now the sun is coming out and the weather is getting warmer its the start of the summer and the game in general seems to get much quieter.  Its nice in a way though to have time to spend messing around with alts or clearing out quests from suzita’s journal.  I haven’t been shiny hunting in ages!  I’m sure the events will continue to be popular so we will get to carry on with HQs, instances and old raid content etc 🙂  Oh and the new x2 content coming in!  I’m still very much looking forward to that!

Had a very fun run round the Estate of Unrest on Thursday evening.  It was suzita, Dimzad, Senquus, Ruari and Jianne who came along.  We did the zone pretty quickly and it was huge fun going back and having complete slayage when previously we had spent hours and hours in there and wiped and wiped and wiped 😉  Dimzad and I got our statues and to top off a very fun evening – the final named dropped the Kithicor Chest!!!!  Yay!  I had never been lucky enough for it drop before even though I did the zone soooo many times but I had a fabled chest piece at the time so I wasn’t hugely worried.  I just need the Kithicor legs now and I will have the full set – I just want it for appearance obviously – it is very nice looking 🙂

On Friday night about 9 of us turned up for the raid, as we were a complete mixture of levels we didn’t think we had quite enough for the froggy raid so we did a couple of city raids instead.  Chingus (an up and coming zerker) tanked for us – full kudos to him!  He hasn’t tanked much full stop but he did a very good job of tanking the epics 🙂  Myself and Sullivan (dimzad) were healing (inq in MT grp and defiler in 2nd), and the other people were Karnag (briggy), Querious (dirge), Magania (conjy), Minowa (warlock), Uffern (necro) and Shingleshanks (necro).  We ended up going in at around lvl 50 to 55 and sadly as our guild is lvl 79 (we dinged yesterday!!) we didn’t get any status.  I was half expecting that but I was slightly surprised not to get any personal status…  either for the quest or for any of the nameds 😦  Never mind, it was great fun to be out with everyone 🙂

On Saturday night I can’t remember exactly what I got up to…  But Saraya had a trip into Obelisk of Ahzkul 😀  Ashenshugar (pally) tanked, and we had Senquis (76 ranger), Glarim (79 coercer), Fayana (80 trouby) and Izebella (75 warden) along as well.  

Finally last night, myself and Dimzad did most of the Tupta questline in the Moors and then went and helped Karnag (kal’s briggy) with the lvl 50 HQ (A thread of hope?).  We managed to bag a shard from the Najena update too 😉  

Will be online tonight – not sure what we will be up to though lol.  I think I will also set up a raid night for a week saturday – I think either the godking raid or freethinker’s hideout might be fun 🙂


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