Why didn’t we pick up Cyclops Lore & Legend? :P

I didn’t get to log on till late-ish last night and as I was a little tired just couldn’t really face questing with any of my characters.  I had logged on Saraya in a fit of ‘I will quest until I have got the 10% I need to level!!’ but no… I really couldn’t face it lol.  So a shout into guild chat of ‘I’m bored, anyone want to go and mess about somewhere?!’ got Saraya, Karnag (Kal’s briggy), Jianne (swashie), Fearghal (Ruari’s Defiler), Modron (Uffern’s guard) and Magania (conjy) out and about in SS/POF.  We saw Broog was up so we splatted him – he dropped a Guardian master which was a nice pressie for Modron.  We stuck our noses into Clefts of Rujark but there was another group clearing in there so we thought we’d leave them to it and went off to Cazel’s Mesa (or however you spell it!).   This was quite good fun as the zone was orange and red to us!  We did clear the zone in the end though, with a fair few wipes along the way 😉  We did get a further briggy/swashie master which Karnag already had and the Spoon dropped from the final named lol.  As the title suggested, a few of us could have picked up the Cyclops lore and legend and got our auto dings but I didn’t think of that until we were partway through the zone lol.  It was really good fun and just the kind of thing I needed to do – so thanks all.  

It didn’t get me the 10% though, so I forced myself off to the Moors and thought I’d do a couple of quests there.  Hmm I’d changed my AA spec from soloing to healing and that combined with a slightly bad attitude caused to me to die too many times…  So I cheated… and got the balloon to a few different place and dinged with disco 😉 lol  I thought I’d work on her status next so carried on with Rescue of the Green Hoods, got up to the Goorlux stage and as he wasn’t up – decided to call it a night.  1 more level to go though and Saraya can do the double shard quests – yay!

Not sure what I am up to tonight – will see how I feel this evening and also see what Dimzad fancies doing too.  We have an Estates of Unrest run tomorrow for the statuette which will hopefully be a quick zoom through and loads of fun and hopefully a repeat of the Froggy raid on Friday (well it is Friday 13th again!).  We don’t have quite enough people signed up at the moment but hopefully there will be enough of us there on the night – if not, I’ll organise something fun for us all to do 🙂


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