Its all about the AA…

Haven’t had time during the day recently to update my blog or read other’s blogs and I’ve been really missing it!  Over the last few days I have been mostly messing around with my little necro Pickle.   She is lots of fun to solo and I am currently just finishing off the Nektulos Forest timeline.  Found a good AA instance though – the first little instance for the D’Morte timeline has 10-12 nameds inside!  Dimzad came along and mentored Pickle for the kills and he got c.4% AA for each named – a very nice little AA goldmine there if you haven’t done this instance at the correct level 🙂   Pickle is doing quite well now, she has 35 AA at level 34.  I have level locked her for now and am aiming to have completed (or mostly completed) the Thundering Steppes timeline and Butcherblock timeline before I unlock and level her in Enchanted Lands / Zek / Steamfont / Feerrott.  I’m not sure how much patience I will have with this but will do my best!  It will be very nice to get a toon to 80 and not be scrabbling for those last 20 or so AA points.  

That’s the only thing with this expansion… I was at 140AA with Suzita when the expansion came out and I am currently still at 168 AA.  Ok I do still have half of the Moors timeline to complete, maybe a third of the zones left to explore and of course the new content coming with GU51 but it still seems a struggle to achieve 200 AA…  We are hoping as a guild to go to some old raid content which will give an AA boost (as well as finally getting to see some of the EOF raid zones and hopefully have some trophies for our Guild Hall).  I suppose it is getting the end line class abilities which is most beneficial and the remaining points will be a bonus when they are achieved.  Oh well I’ll get there 😉

I also helped Ruari (warlock) and Jianne (swashie) get their epic weapons in the last couple of days – grats again both!!

I’ve also been doing a little decorating – Suzita’s house is now in a state that I am happy with (though I don’t think I will ever be *finished* lol) and Pickle’s house needs more work and a little more thought but I thought I’d show the current state of both houses 🙂  I’ve added a new page ‘Decorating’ for the screenies 🙂  In fact I’ve added a new page for Pickle’s house with a slideshow!  I’m very impressed anyways 😛


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