Back to Kingdom of Sky

Well Tuesday night was quite quiet.  I ended up running Lanegan round a few zones collecting some Lore and Legend quest starters.  Managed to get a few of the automatic updates too.  For some reason, I have 3 boxes full of this stuff in my shared bank….  I’m considering doing what I have done with house items… I’ve put them onto the broker for a silly high price, if one of my alts wants one – they get the money from the shared bank, buy it and the proceeds go back into the bank…  Frees up space in my shared bank for shinies…. lol  

To end the night I decided to carry on with the A Thorn of Old HQ with suzita  and went into Halls of Fate.  As this was half grey and I just had to grab an item from the Quellithulians, I thought I would finally also complete the quest Premonitions of Doom which has been in my journal for a long time.  Just before Sothis’ room the mobs become green and very angry… so being a lazy ranger I decided to invis down to Sothis rather than clear a path but the silly drakes could see through….  so… plan 2…. I charged down to the magical barrier in front of Sothis and feigned death with a handy tinkered item – result!  again the ranger laziness showed through as I didn’t want to wait for Sniper’s to refresh (one of the few times I would use this CA lol) so just went for it with Sothis.  Ooo after a fun fight with lots of running round and dodging 2 of his adds I got him down to 4% before I died and was cursing myself for not hotbarring one of the flamey  potions or waiting for Snipers as the result had been so close.  Luckily the Mighty Sir Ashenshugar came to the rangers aid (lol tanks always seem to be ‘rescuing’ suzita :P)  and I’m really glad he did – the rest of the quest wouldn’t have been possible without clearing the droags and drakota and it was much more fun and much much quicker with 2 of us.  So we both finished the quest and got rubbish pressies from the chests the NPCs bring 😦  While I was in Bonemire I also picked up the Deathtoll access starter.

Last night I crafted the next stage of the Wurmslayer, and now need to kill Sothis, Vyemm and Harla Dar.  Myself and Emaimee then went off and finished An Audience with Aaryonar so we are now onto the epic stage, Ascent of the Awakened.    I then went off and helped Dimzad for a bit with Sword of Destiny timeline until the internet broke on his computer and he went off and watched telly instead.  So I then went off to the Feerrott trying to finish off a few Tome collection quests – I got 2 finished which wasn’t bad.  To end the night, I ended up in Antonica and mentored to lvl 12!  Noxium (our RL friend) was questing away and so I came along for 1/2 hr or so to help and did a few quests I hadn’t done originally.  I was only getting 1% per completed quest though – same as when it is grey but… I did get 3% AA for killing Grolven Chiptooth so not bad 😉  To be honest though I didn’t go along for AA, it was just fun to go along and chat to Nox for a while.

Not sure what I shall be up to tonight – last night a guild group started Veksar which they will be finishing tonight.  So I think myself and Dimzad may watch a film and then log on and do some silly messing around stuff again 🙂


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