Peacock timeline

In the late afternoon I managed to do the weekly solo crafting mission with Suzita, Asirra and Oaphepia.  I now have 11 Far Seas tokens which I am not sure what to do with…  It is tempting to get the unicorn for Suzita but she doesn’t really need it (she can run faster!), the gear is *generally* most useful for crafters who are still levelling up I think, although the sets do give bonuses to all crafting skills which would be handy for when crafting recipes which are not your own specialisation.  Well they can sit in my shared bank a bit longer until I decide 😉

I had some great luck with Punja’s Progression early yesterday evening.  I’d been in there waiting for the Enigma of Ice to spawn previously and had camped the named for nearly an hour before I had to go off and do something else (with the added torture of the next needed named, Enigma of Fire, being up….).  This time it was just 1 set of PHs and the Enigma of Ice spawned – off to the Enigma of Fire and again just 1 kill of the placeholders and he popped 🙂  Great!  So on with Time for A Garden Party, a little bit of running round collecting pinecones and I was then able to go and pickup the quest starter for the final quest in the questline Wrapping it all up.   I had a bit of a nose round the epic section of Silent City and thought that this may be a good place for the Guild to come for an event.  The Epics are either x2 or x4 and are lvls 58 to 62, I couldn’t see any named epics but I will check this out.  I also popped into the Fountain of Life to get a look at the place and the mobs.  I do like these zones, the monuments with glowing scripts and mummies galore.  I love the gnolls wandering around too.  I’ve been getting roughly 4% AA for each quest in the Peacock timeline which I think is pretty decent.  Fair enough some of the quests may not have been worth it because of the amount of running around / camping / waiting for runes to drop but overall worth it I think 😉  I would definitely recommend aiming to do 1 quest a day though as a sanity saver.

Well I managed to get to the final epic stage just before I was due to go to the crafting instance and Obelisk shard run – not a lot to say except that both runs were speedy and successful.  It was nice to do a crafting instance for a change – I haven’t done one for quite a long time now.  I quite enjoyed the OOA run last night – there were 5 of us (Dimzad, Seabreeze, Kalyyn, Yharlie and myself) and we did it in 33 mins – hmm wonder how fast it would have been with 1 more dps!  This zone just seems to get smoother and smoother each time we go in. 

Once we’d finished there I suddenly got a bee in my bonnet and decided that I must finish the Peacock timeline NOW! so Dimzad, Kalyyn and Yharlie were kind enough to come along and help me.  We killed the Guardian of Eldonis in POF and then went on to the Living Tombs to kill the godking.   Kalyyn crashed on our way there and while we were waiting for him to relog – I suddenly realised that I was locked out of the Fountain of Life for 5 days due to my earlier ranger nosiness 😛  um oops!  oh well…  it means I can set it up as Guild event instead now and we can mentor down to 60-65 and have more fun 😉

I *think* it will be a quiet one this evening as both Emaimee and Dimzad are not around, if so I think I will either take out Pickle my necro or Lanegan my bruiser for some solo adventuring 🙂  I’ve also decided to start again on my crafters – my priority being levelling my jeweller and tailor.  I’d also like to raise their Far Seas faction so I may do some writs to achieve both aims hopefully.  Saraya is also a level 40 carpenter and she needs some status points so I can buy her a title so some carpentry writs may be the way to go… hmm lots to do lots to do!


One comment on “Peacock timeline

  1. Kil is maybe half way through that timeline …. I think it would be fun to have a crack at it. Might mentor down to Katyya with a couple of the gang when she has a few more levels :p

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