Droags and Gobboes

Kajen organised a very successful and fun run through Labs on Friday night – thanks again!  I took Saraya my inq through for a nice AA boost as she hadn’t been in there before.  We ended up with 13 of us taking part – Ashenshugar, Seabreeze, Kajen, Yharlie, Gwyanne, Senquus, Killians, Jianne, Izebella, Ruari, Hewgo and Fayana.  On the whole it was extremely easy with only Vyemm and the 3 linked nameds still packing a punch.  We had TONS of exquisite chests though – every named dropped one although we did only get 1 master.  Such a shame we never had such luck when the loot was useful lol.  Anyway everyone had a good time and as well as doing some quest related epic zones, it looks as though we will be sticking our noses into the EOF raid zones.  I never got to see these, so it will be some good AA for Suzita and it will be nice to see this content at last even if it is outdated.

On Saturday night I ran a TSO instance event.  In the end there weren’t quite enough of us to run 2 groups, so some people kindly stepped down and we had a group go into Nu’Roga for the double shard.  It was myself (ranger), Ashenshugar (pally), Emaimee (warden), Yharlie (illy), Jianne (swashie) and Ruari (warlock).  Ash switched about amends so both myself and Ruari got to have fun killing stuff with no fear of pulling aggro 😉  We did the zone in the end, a fair few deaths added to the fun 😉 and a straight run of ornate chests lol  Still 4 shards for our trouble though 🙂


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