A change of plan

As Emaimee wasn’t due to get home from work until 9.30 ish, we decided to do a quick Deep Forge run in the meantime.  We took a completely different group out this time (Ashenshugar (Kal’s pally), Hewgo (Dimzad’s conjy), Yharlie (illy), Ruari (warlock) and Fayana (trouby)) with ME solo healing with Saraya my lvl 77 inq 😯  Well I was pretty terrified lol  So I quickly respecced my AAs to a healer spec (am currently soloing mostly with her), bought a new hammer to go with a buckler I’d just levelled into, so huge thanks to the group for waiting for me to faff around nervously! Well in a nutshell I was able to heal through the trash easily, I healed through The Doomsmith, but couldn’t manage either Cruhm or Firelord Kaern…  I would have liked to have managed it but I guess my inq being at 77, without her epic or decent healing gear  it was always going to be a tall order.  It was still good fun and I’m glad I tried.  In the end as it now a bit later than we’d thought I left group and Emaimee (warden) took over.  As Fayana had to log, I rejoined the group with suzita and we killed both nameds and got our shards 🙂  It was now really too late to go back into Mistmyr and we also didn’t have a full group… ah well revenge another day!

I did a little crafting with Lanegan (jeweller) at the end of the night, I had tried to do the Ship Out quests with her and she could do with a few TS lvls first  I think.

Well tonight should see the Guild take on Labs 🙂  Should be very good fun!


4 comments on “A change of plan

  1. Last night was fun and considering your Inq’s level, you did really great with the healing! It was a very tall order expecting you to solo heal that zone at that level.
    Im really looking forward to labs tonight. Its been a whiel since I went in there and would be great to conquer it with a guild group.

  2. Hello there.

    Yes, I have given in and created my very own blog. It’s all yours (and Lee’s) fault. Having my very own blog means I can comment on yours (Big Yah!) and means I have more things to do to stop the rot of boredom.

    So there, this is a comment. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did typing it. 🙂

  3. Sounds like you had a good time and a good crack at solo healing. Doesn’t healer guilt suck lol

    I hope this does not come out sounding nasty or arrogant …. Even on Killy who is my main, at level 80, with a bunch of plate healer fabled ….. that zone can not be taken for granted. Firelord wiped us the other night. I am terrified about taking my alt tank into some of these zones but just need to do it!

    I hate the Doomsmith myself.

  4. hello all 🙂 Thanks for the comments re: healing – it was a good experience 🙂 and thanks Kilanna, you are right – that zone does still pack a punch…

    lol Yharlie – looking forward to reading it 😉

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