Grrr lol

Well we weren’t on top form last night 😉  Most of us (if not all) were pretty tired for one reason or another, which ended up in a difficult run into Mistmyr Manor.  We had a slightly different group setup (Dimzad, Emaimee, Kajen, Poxridden, Yharlie and my ranger) and although I think the dps was a little lower that really wasn’t the problem lol.  Anyways, most of the zone we did do absolutely fine.  The key mob seemed bugged though – the ‘body’ (does a book have a body?!) disappeared… immediately….  We’ve petitioned it anyway – so fingers crossed they can sort that out.  The Gallery guy was a huge pain – about 4 or 5 times we got him down to 2% and splat 😛  Grr!  We did do it though.  The final boss also gave us huge problems – simply through us all being too tired and slow for a tricky encounter.  So we will be going back in this evening and hopefully we’ll all be more awake and on the ball 🙂   The double shard quest will have run out but that can’t be helped.  We have unlocked a couple of the chests so it will be interesting to see what is kept in there 🙂  We shall rock tonight – I know it!

If I get a chance to log on late afternoon, I have a few options:  carry on shiny hunting in Living Tombs, carry on with Thuuga questline or start Claymore with Saraya, or do some crafting with either my tailor or my jeweller.  We shall see 🙂


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