A Family Affair

I read that the game logs which have been given to researchers have shown that (amongst other interesting findings) a lot of people who play MMOs, as well as meeting new people online, are also playing with people they have real life relationships with (see here).  I haven’t mentioned this before but Emaimee is my RL sister and Kalyyn is my brother in law.   My brother also plays (Chingus the Zerker) and my other sister and her partner also have accounts although they haven’t been able to play for a while.  One of our friends (stand up Finnigan!) also plays on and off and some of our other friends also used to play EQ2 but have since moved onto other games or have stopped playing (oh the shock!)  As I have mentioned, my boyfriend plays alongside me.  My family are all from Essex and I moved to Hampshire about 14 years ago and before my sisters and their families moved down (within the last year) I did find that EQ2 was a brilliant way to keep in touch with them and socialise together.  

The RL chats we have about EQ2 also help our gameplay and the 4 of us (Dimzad, Emaimee and Kalyyn) play very well together – we know each others strengths and weaknesses and we do all play our classes well.  Although only part of the reason that we are a good unit is because we know each other in RL – the other reason is that our Guild went through an extremely quiet period from about February 07 (just as myself and Dimzad hit 70 lol) when there were only 6-8 of us in the Guild actively playing (4 of those people being us!)  I think the game was very quiet during that and a lot of Guilds failed during that time if I remember correctly 😦   It took until last summer at least for our numbers to build to the healthy membership we currently have.  During that time, for some reason we didn’t turn to filling spots through pickups too much (though we did sometimes and we also joined in on  pickup raids) but instead challenged ourselves to completing instances and quests with just the 4 of us.  It was great experience in *really* getting to know and play your class and also a great sense of achievement when we did manage to pull off the ‘impossible’.  Of course, during that time we did also group with various guildies at various levels (right across the board), but during those oh so quiet times… it was a real boon to still be able to achieve and do things.

It is absolutely fantastic that currently we have a nice amount of people in the Guild – enough to be able to put 2 full groups of 80s out and at lvl 50+ to be able to put 3 1/2 groups out for raids 🙂  Enough people to do stuff but at the same time be able to know people as individuals.  Although I absolutely love grouping with Ema, Kal and Dimzad (and with Kajen and Yharlie :)), I love going on Guild events where we get to group with other people and other classes, especially the raid events where we can get out and about with practically the whole Guild and achieve something, have a real laugh and see content that can be hard to get to see.

Anyways… that’s all kind of a prequel to what I got up to last night 😉  Dimzad was out last night, so Emaimee came round to my house so we could carry on with our Claymore updates.  It was huge amounts of fun to be playing together together in the same room – we woke the baby up with the giggling 😛  We finished Six O’Flock High (the cause of the giggling being daring each other to do suicide runs round the dragon room as the droags were due to repop – we both survived lol) and moved onto An Audience with Aaryonar.  We got lucky with our philosopher pops and are now onto the gem collecting, which we will resume another night.  

After we finished there, I shared the Dbl Shard quest with Dimzad (Mistmyr Manor) as we are planning to go there tonight and then Kajen very kindly took Suzita into Ools to get her statuettes (those access quests are just horrible campfests!)  Kajen is now also onto Knights in the Round so an Unrest run will be coming up shortly 🙂  And that was that… a very fun and productive evening 🙂


2 comments on “A Family Affair

  1. I definitely agree that its a great way to socialise with real-life friends and family. I love grouping with Ema, Suz and Dimzad. It really does help us to play well together.
    Its also great knowing the real-life commitments we each have and knowing that everyone will understand if we have to break mid-instance or cannot attend an event we had signed up for.
    Alongside that, I think we have been very lucky to find guildmates that also understand that, and also understand and are happy with the relationship we have 🙂

  2. Oh that does sound soooooo cool that you play with your family and friends 🙂

    I have had friends that come on from time to time …. but sadly are not regular players:(

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