Deathfist Citadel

Magania had organised this run into DFC for quest updates and HQ updates.  It was a very fun run and we did manage to get all the quests finished 🙂 (well with the exception of the one in the mines where we never got the first update).  Koni tanked with Gwyelle (Gwyanne’s fury), Magania (conjy), Minowa (Fayana’s warlock) and Seabreeze (dirge).  I took my bruiser Lanegan for everyone to mentor as she is lvl 40  and it was a good lvl too – the mobs were mostly white with a few nameds at yellow, which meant we did have some challenge to the zone.  I had xp switched off so we didn’t outlvl the zone but I got about 5 AA points which were very welcome 🙂

I do like this zone – lots of quests, nameds and disco AA and I don’t think there are enough orc killing opportunities in EQ2!  Thanks to Magania for organising 🙂

Short post today as I have a lot of RL stuff to do 😉

PS Kim if you read this – I can’t leave comments on your blog….  Glad you arrived safely and it all looks wonderful!


5 comments on “Deathfist Citadel

  1. I am thinking of taking my little baby bard for the group to mentor …. she is only 38. That sounds like some of the mobs will be yellow and orange … Do you think it will be too tough?

  2. We had a full group – most were mentoring down from 50 to 53 and just 1 at lvl 80. We didn’t have any problems at all – all of the nameds went down very easily, a full group at 38 I would think would be fine (esp if mentoring down from 80).

    You could always leave xp on – by the time you get to the harder nameds you will probably have levelled up to 40 or so. I think Fyst is lvl 42 btw.

    Hope that’s some help 🙂 and good luck – hope you have fun!

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