Revenge in Veksar

Saturday evening was huge amounts of fun.  It was the usual gang (suz, dimzad, kajen, kalyyn, seabreeze and yharlie).  We went into Anathema first for the double shard which was a very easy run aside from the insane amount of stuns Dimzad was getting hit by.  I remember the big zombie named gave us huge amounts of hassle and the zone in general being much tougher when we first did this zone back in mid-December, so its nice to see the progression of our characters.  We finished this fairly early and decided to start Veksar.  

We initially thought that we would be finishing the zone Sunday evening…  What a difference our group setup makes though!  We just slaughtered our way very quickly through…  The top half of Veksar was fun with no real challenges and in no time at all we were at Cribblekeep…  We killed him quickly and on the first time 😀  Go Swashy Stuns!  I was just sitting there grinning – he didn’t get to call the Water Orbs once lol  So we ended up carrying on with the zone.  The next named also went down nice and quickly – and we were onto Garudon at last.  I really enjoyed this fight – I was rather suspicious as the little dragon spawnling thing went down rather easy… and so wasn’t hugely surprised when he came back with two friends lol  I did like it when he came back for the 3rd time as the dragon though!  Anyway, we killed him first time too!  Its funny, the zone was so easy compared to last time…  We’d been telling Kajen about the zone and saying how awful Cribblekeep was… lol I think he believed us after we ran through this time with no problems!   

Sunday evening was rather boring by comparison 😉  Dimzad very kindly helped Lanegan get her Green Hoods and Trials updates in preparation for the DFC run on Monday.  I was on the Tusk stage when we spotted Goorlux!  I raced round trying to get all the updates done so we could kill him and he either depopped or was killed while I was doing this 😦  We then spent nearly 2 hours waiting for him to respawn… *screams*  got the Trials done quickly and with no problems thankfully (well except for Dimzad crashing twice on the zone in to the Sixth Trial…)  Well she’s all ready now for tonight’s run which should be lots of fun.

We also have a couple more events on this week – a Labs raid which should be a laugh (I haven’t been in there for ages lol) and a Guild TSO  instance event with 2 groups running 🙂


6 comments on “Revenge in Veksar

  1. Hehe that veksar run was cool we burnt that cribblekeep guy down very quick :D. Sentry Goorlux is a real pain >( not sure how many times I killed his PH to persude him to spawn took me an age too 😦

  2. well at least he is visible now… lol I forgot to mention too that he (and PH) only spawn during the daytime… It was mentioned on eq2wiki but I’d never known that before :O

  3. Congrats on getting Garudon down – hope he dropped a nice pretty for someone!!

    And OMG OMG I feel your pain with Goorlux – but I was mega lucky this weekend for my baby bard – I only needed to wait 4 or 5 spawns of the PH so around 40 mins I guess. My Pally and Killy were another story though *groans*

  4. Veksar was heaps of fun 🙂
    And Goorlux…..what a pain he is, lost count of the amount of hours i have spent wandering that area looking for him. Good to know he doesnt spawn during the night though, i didnt know that

  5. thanks kilanna – it felt goooood! Sadly we only got muter loot this run – we’ll be lucky another day i’m sure 🙂

    and aye goorlux… 😦 he does have reason to hide from us… especially dimzad as I think he has come on goorlux killing duty with many an alt of mine 😉

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