Clockworks, Dervishes and Bugbears

We ended up having a Mines of Meldrath run.  Koni (Kajen) tanked, I healed with my little fae warden, and we had dps from Karnag (Kal’s briggy), Magania (conjy), Uffern (necro) and Seabreeze (Ema’s dirge).  With the exception of Seabreeze we were all at the right level for the instance (lvls 50-55)  I do like this zone, there is a fun little story, about 5 nameds and lots of clockworks.  The loot drops weren’t too bad but I don’t think were an upgrade for any of us.  

It was still early when we cleared the zone so we went off to Hidden Cache again.  We switched about so the group was Koni, Magania, Uffern and Karnag as before. I switched to my assassin Asirra the Fox and Seabreeze to Emaimee (warden) for AA purposes.  Complete and utter carnage ensued 😉  After all the nameds and quest, Karnag ended up pulling half the zone for us – this provided a little challenge and huge amounts of fun.  No nice drops though – shame we missed the Master drop bonanza before they ‘fixed’ it.  

To round off the evening, the Mighty Sir Ashenshugar and the Swashtastic Kajen very kindly helped me with some quest updates in Kaladim.  After a bit of camping I got my updates for the Stormhammer questline and my statuette for Knights in the Round.  Just Ools and Unrest left now 🙂  It was fun running round Kaladim again, we found loads of shinies (Ooh Shiny!) and mucked about a lot lol.  We were the only ppl in the zone which was handy for the named camping but kinda sad in a way.  

Hopefully tonight we’ll be going into Anathema to do yesterday’s double shard quest.  We haven’t been in there for a long time so should be fun 🙂

I’ve just seen the preview for the Lavastorm revamp – its pretty exciting.  Along with a x2 raid zone (which our guild should be able to do), the new quests, collection rewards there are some pretty cool new items to be had.  My favourite looking so far are the new mount and  hat 😛  One being rather cool (hot?) and one being rather silly… I’ll leave you to decide 😉 lol


One comment on “Clockworks, Dervishes and Bugbears

  1. Holy burning cows batman!
    And finally, tin foil hats in game! And it matches my R/L one (although with some of the spooky, mind prediction, that seems to happen in guild and group chat lately, I dont think mine is workign properly 😛 )
    Last night was fun, makes a nice change to runa round with some lowbie alts. And Anathema would be great tonight

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