Nice day for a white wedding…

I did manage to get a few more statuettes yesterday.  I have the ones in Ools, the one in Unrest and the one in the Bank Vault in Kaladim left…  The big gorilla wasn’t up so I couldn’t get the blasting keg.  Nearly there though 😉  I also started Lanegan (bruiser) on the HQs for DFC as we are going there on Monday and we need a high 30s/low 40s char to mentor – Lanegan is now 37 so she should do nicely.  I was doing quite well soloing her, I *nearly* took down the named in the Mill (forget his name), I got him to red and then I died 😦  Luckily Izebella (warden) was very sweet and came along and helped me kill him 🙂  Just the rest to run through now… Fingers crossed I can get it done by Monday 🙂

Later in the evening I switched to Saraya to help Jianne (swashie) and Ruari (warlock) with their epic updates.  Ashenshugar (kalyyn) tanked and Kajen came along to help too.  The wedding party instance for the swashie epic is so funny and so cheesy though.  We then went on to Karnor’s Castle for Ruari’s update.  We managed to get a few nameds along the way as well as the Lore & Legend and I also completed 2 quests – so a very nice haul 🙂  I think I healed OK, there were a few individual deaths along the way (including myself lol) but the group didn’t wipe at all so I’m pleased with that.  I just need to speed up my healing reactions a little, that’s what I currently find hard to deal with is keeping the tank’s health stable at the same time as healing other group members (esp those who are being hit by an add for example).   Practice I expect!

It was about 10.30 by the time we finished so we decided on a quick alt run to Hidden Cache.  I switched to Suzita, Kajen to Koni his guardian, Ash to Kalyyn and Magania (conjy), Uffern (necro) joined in on the fun too 🙂  It was an absolute blast!  Complete and utter slayage lol  Huge amounts of fun and suzita got about 20% AA too 🙂  Not too long and I should ding 167 AA 🙂 

We haven’t got anything planned as yet for the weekend, and our usual tank Dimzad is out tonight, but I’m sure we shall find something fun to do 😉


3 comments on “Nice day for a white wedding…

  1. A quick question for you – which UI do you use? Do you use the default, or do you use a custom UI.

    I am a bit of a fangirl of the ProfitReborn UI for healing. One touch heals and cures so no need to change targets.

    As far as Clerics go, especially if it is a squishy that takes agro, our spells have a long cast time so being able to react quickly enough to save them can be difficult if not impossible.

  2. I hadn’t thought of UI healing gizmos… I use Fetish Nightfall as I didn’t really like the look of Profit and had huge problems trying to make it work… I’ll look into add ons for Fetish (and have another look at Profit as I haven’t checked it out for a long time) – thanks 🙂

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