Gobbos Galore

Suzita is very close to finishing collecting the statuettes now.  Aside from the ones in Obelisk of Lost Souls, I just have the statuettes left in Faydwer to collect now.  Which means an Unrest run is on the cards soon – I do love this zone, the variety of environments and all the little puzzles make it lots of fun.  I have been through it now a lot of times though and now we’re all lvl 80 it is not a challenge anymore, but I have only been in there once since the release of ROK so enough time has passed to look forward to a run in there again 🙂  I’m also keeping my fingers crossed that the Kithicor ranger set chest might drop…. I was never lucky enough to manage to get that drop lol  I can’t remember the chest I had at the time (it may have been the fabled relic piece), I know though the chest wasn’t a huge upgrade on what I had, so I didn’t bother farming it.  I’d love the Kithicor set for appearance – I’m missing wearing my ranger hood (I have Kithicor and Hoo’Lah)  but at the moment can’t find any decent appearance armour to match…

We went into Nu’Roga last night (my ranger, Dimzad, Kalyyn, Kajen, Seabreeze & Yharlie) and I have to admit its not my favourite zone so far.  I’m not sure why, whether it is because there are so many groups or just the design.  It doesn’t really matter I suppose lol We will do another run in there anyway as Emaimee (Seabreeze) needs HQ updates in there.  We didn’t have too many problems in the zone at all.  A couple of silly deaths (no instance run is complete without surely?!), a few deaths working out strats for the dragon, 1 wipe timing the debuff item on the Crusader.  Aside from that we were just able to burn down the nameds and cleared the zone without too much effort 🙂  

Well I shall try and sneak on during the day and get a few more statuettes and hopefully tonight we can do another instance 🙂  I’d really like to get back into Veksar – I’m still grinding my teeth and shaking my fist at Cribblekeep 😛  Well I guess with all these Gobbos, Slayer title will be on the cards which would be fun 😉


3 comments on “Gobbos Galore

  1. Hiya Suzi, thought it was about time i left a comment on your blog 😛
    Unrest is always a fun zone, need to teach that Bugaboo a lesson or two!

    Nu’Roga wont be making it onto my list of favourite zones either. It was fun (our groups always are) and had some nice visual touches. A couple of the nameds had some intersting tactics and the whole zone was no-where near the challenge I was expecting. Nothing negative about the zone , just dont think i would be that interested in visiting other than on dbl shard days etc….
    Theres quicker zones for shard farming and more interesting zones for fun runs.

    And as for cribblekeep…..
    His loot will be ours….
    oh yes!
    it WILL be ours!

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