Saved from statuettes

The guild was a little quiet last night, only about 6 of us on at a time but we were all fairly chatty and had some fun conversations about warlocks, aoes, worst group experiences etc.  I was running round collecting statuettes on Suzita (not doing too badly with it) and was just starting to get to the limit of my patience when Kajen logged in and wanted to go out killing stuff to de-stress from work.  So obviously I reluctantly tore myself away from statuette collecting to nobly help Kajen 😛  Saraya, Koni (Kajen’s  53 guard) and Magania (50 conjy) ended going off to Permafrost to get the runes there for To Speak as a Dragon.  I have to own up and admit that I did the starter with Saraya a looong time ago and have never been bothered to get the runes :O  Shocking I know!  

I haven’t been in Permafrost for ages and ages but it seemed very easy even with a group of 3 and 2 of those were at the right level for the zone.  I was hardly needing to heal Koni as he didn’t seem to get hit – good for him and although I didn’t need to heal I did get to swing my big hammer 😉  This group was fun though and the only sticky bit was with the last rune because we had the epic sitting in front of it.  Koni did a suicide run and managed to get his rune… Magania and I didn’t manage it so we revived and fought our way back down.  I left group and unmentored I grabbed my rune, distracted the epic while Magania got his and then ran the epic off and rejoined the group lol

Once we had done this we were still in the mood for killing so we persuaded Yharlie (illy), Glarim (Dimzad’s coercer) and Uffern (necro) to go to The Hidden Cache in Sinking Sands.  We blasted through the zone and I was actually having to heal a little 😉  We did have 1 wipe I think mostly because it had all been very very easy and not needing to concentrate to getting a named add and suddenly having to work very hard indeed (I didn’t react fast enough for sure lol)  Anyways, we picked ourselves up and carried on, we did the very funny quest in there and  Saraya got an AA.  We had an exquisite chest from the gobbie and Magania won a pally master, and I needed on some plate greaves as they were very nice looking 🙂  Need to find some chest armour to match now.

Hoping for some instance fun tonight but we’ll have to wait and see who logs in 🙂


One comment on “Saved from statuettes

  1. Really enjoyed that hidden cache run its was funny (may have to visit there again :P) been an age since I have been in permafrost tho lol was a little surprised as to how easy the upgraded mastercrafted gear has made it but still good for a laugh and AA 🙂

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