Well I solo’d Saraya for a while, running through the Fistful questline and then I popped over for a v quick shard run in Anathema with Kajen (lots of disco AA). I ended up being on 92% xp 🙂  I wanted to log off at this stage, so I thought I’d buy a quick collection quest and hand in… oh sounds so simple huh?  about 6pp and 1/2 hr hour later I was on 98% and getting very cross!   Its one of those things that once you start its very hard to stop because you’re sure that the next one will do it…  bah!  So eventually sense ruled and I ended up zoning to Jarsath Wastes and getting some disco AA to finally level to 77 🙂  I also got an AA point and am now on 113.  Her AA is much lower than I’d like but I still have the Barren Sky, Bonemire, Loping Plains, Fens, Jungle, Wastes and Moors timelines to do as well as instances / old raid zones… so plenty of opportunity to start catching up there if only I get time lol  I do really enjoy playing her though and its a good change of pace from my ranger.

I think tonight I may carry on running Suzita through the Claymore timeline with Emaimee.  We’re up to Six O Flock High – so we’re getting there 😉  Been getting some very good AA for this questline though 🙂


2 comments on “Da-Ding!

  1. Well done well done!!

    Killy managed to get herself an aa point or so just by finishing Claymore. I dont think I will ever get rid of Killys reward – although it does not have heal crit on, it is VERY nice having an item to increase her next heal by some 20%. I have noticed some of the top end raiders still wear their reward.

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