Undead Dave, they’re all Undead

We decided to try a new zone (Mistmyr Manor) on Saturday and also a slightly different group setup.  It was the usual suspects of myself, Dimzad, Kalyyn, Kajen and Yharlie but instead of Emaimee’s warden, she took her dirge Seabreeze.  Oh huge amounts of fun!  All those buffs from yharlie (illy) and breeze gave me, Dimzad and Kajen an excuse to go mental and have huge amounts of fun seeing how high we could push the dps.   At times I was laughing too much to fight properly 😛  

Anyways… picked up the quests for some Xtreme housework and moved on to the first named.  He was a bit tricky with those adds until we kept him stunned/stifled then he was no problem at all.  Most of the nameds went down really easily in the end (including the red named ghosts we killed by mistake – ah well will get to open the chests next time lol).  We wiped on the guy in the gallery first time round – though we all laughed ourselves silly at the ceiling coming down!  We went back, burned him down – he died and the ceiling didn’t get us 😉

OMG the last 2 though (primogens) now they were a challenge.  We were all tired by this point, but we did it in the end 😀  I am really proud that we kept at it and refined our strat and did it!  We took out Primogen D first, we moved over the other side back to D at the switch to the caster, Dimzad dropped target at the move to help keep the hate and rinse and repeat until she was dead.  Then we just killed Primogen L.  Great fight – wish it hadn’t taken us *quite* so many attempts but hey ho 😉 next time will be easy 🙂

Anyway I loved this zone and the look of zone was fab (myself and Ema made so many comments about wishing we could have the cushions or that rug, or that wall hanging as items for our own houses that Kalyyn got a little sarky about ‘the brave band of adventurers who stormed the Manor of Mistmyr and moved through the zone hurting their feelings by critiquing the decor….’ hehe :P)  Where I was rather tired my poor ranger of chaos did cause some mischief… only 2 autoattack pulls but I did have an accidental evac during a trash mob fight (which did at least cause most of the group to have fits of giggles) and 1 accidental bounce into a statue (and then tried to run away straight into another statue…)  

The only other things of note is the game of rockball we had with Yharlie’s Cloak of the Harvester illusion and the fact that I sneaked a pink robe onto Dimzad’s zerker dwarf everytime he went afk 😛

I had some baby free time on Sunday morning so I finished the Erollisi Day crafting and quests with Suzita – as i’ve mentioned before those crafted items are just gorgeous.  Then on Sunday evening we did Befallen: Cavern of the Afflicted as it was dbl shard.  We ended up going with my assassin Asirra, Dimzad, Kajen, Righ (fury), Kalyyn and Seabreeze.  Was lots of fun though Dimzad hates tanking that zone.   Finally on Sunday night, I ran my inq Saraya through the Erollisi Day questlines – she’s now very close to lvl 77 so I am going to carry on working on the Fistful of Dollars questline tonight and hopefully she’ll ding 🙂


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