Guild Raid :)

Well last night’s raid was a COMPLETE success!  even with a dodgy start (an emergency hotfix meant the servers went down for an hour just as we had formed outside Cazic Thule :P)  We lost 3 people to the server fix but we were still left with 15 of us 🙂  

We had decided to complete Marr’s Chosen  quest as this is a X 4 raid at lvl 50-55.  There is a pre-requisite to this quest – you need to complete the Froglok Timeline in order to do Marr’s Chosen, but only 1 person needs to be on the quest to zone you into the special instance in Cazic Thule.  I would recommend doing the froglok timeline anyway – as well as AA you get a cool little sparkly tablet you can place in your house as a reward 😉 

We had enough for 3 groups and we had 3 lvl 50-55 chars to mentor.   MT group: Killians (SK), Kalyyn (Temp), Gwyanne (Mystic), Kajen (Swashie), Yharlie (Illy) and Magania (Conjie); Group 2: Myself, Jianne (swashie), Sheea (bruiser), Izebella (warden), Chingus (zerker) and Glarim (coercer); Group 3:  Senquus (warden), Uffern (necro), Ruari (warlock).  

Light of the Wolf Vs Venekor the Younger

Light of the Wolf Vs Venekor the Younger

This zone is huge amounts of fun, there is some disco AA and about 10 nameds (including Venekor the Younger).  I got 2 AA points in 2 hours 🙂  The mobs were mostly yellow to us but being heavily mentored went down very easily and we just had some fairly nasty AOEs to deal with.  We had a few deaths (warlock and ranger strongly deny aggro issues!) but only 1 wipe – everyone did very well indeed.  This was a very fun evening and a very nice introduction to raiding as a Guild 🙂

I will organise another run at this at some point as not all guildies were able to take part or complete the quest (lol and there is always our alts too :P)  We are thinking of going into Courts (POF) next and then hopefully a few KOS raid zones to complete a few quests.  It will be fun going back to those zones – I haven’t been in labs or deathtoll for ages!  Kajen is also organising the raids for Fire and Ice / Deception which should also be great fun – just waiting for guildies to collect those darn runes lol  Its nice to have the raids as part of our event organisation now, its more interesting to have a variety of events to do.

I enjoyed organising the raid too though it was quite hectic at times but everyone seemed to enjoy theirselves which was the main aim 🙂

Afterwards I quickly handed out loads of roses and got the title ‘The Flirtatious’ (part of the Erollisi Day quests).


8 comments on “Guild Raid :)

  1. Yeah there are a ton of Epics in SS and PoF. Meathooks, Terrorantula, Snapjaw, and the giant to name a few. I never realised that there were so many named in Clefts and Silent City either til this past weekend.

  2. Broog the Banished (the Giant, contested mob)

    I have roughly earned 25 of my 183 AAs off old raid content.. I still have most of the quest lines to finish in the new expansion, I only worked through survival accord. Also I have only done a handful of the new group zones (and most of them have been grayed out for the Daily Doubles). I raid 6 days a week from 7pm to 10pm est. So I don’t have a whole lot of spare time to do other adventuring.

  3. ah yes I (we) have killed most of the contested mobs in SS and PoF, mentored or not, at some point or another lol – I have no idea whether I was already at max AA at the time or not… So yes, it is probably well worth going back for a looky 😉 thanks all 🙂

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