I managed to get some of the erollisi day quests done during late afternoon (while baby was asleep), however baby boy’s favourite pastime yesterday was screaming 😛 so by the time my boyfriend got home I was exhausted – I ended up sleeping from 6.15 until 10.00 pm LOL So not much gaming for me last night!  

I did pop on for an hour though when I woke up and completed Tanzi’s betrayal – she is now a good arasai Fury living in Kelethin 🙂  Was nice to achieve something even if I did completely miss out on an evening!  I’m organising a lvl 50+  raid for tonight, there are 17 ppl signed up (with 4 tentative) which is fantastic as that is the majority of our active players signed up 🙂  I’m currently trying to figure out various scenarios as unfortunately there doesn’t really seem to be a x4 raid at lvl 50.  If everyone turns up then I think we can have 2 sets of city raids going with 8-9 ppl in each raid (with ppl mentoring it should be doable).  Well its hard to plan until we know final numbers but I know we will work something out so we all get out and have fun tonight 🙂  The main reason for these raids is for fun, AA & status (where possible), to get out and about as a Guild and to finish quests which have raid content 🙂  

I’m also going to update my goals section – suzita’s aim of clearing out grey quests is just undoable!  I think I’ll be better off listing some quests I want to complete and concentrating on those and then renewing once they are done.

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