Decorating and… wait for it… shards!

I’d managed to get a few love notes during the day so I logged in last evening all ready to make some of the new house items –  I duly made some of the lovely little butterfly and firefly knolls for suzita’s woodland attic and rushed over to her house (they are so pretty I was getting quite excited at placing them!).  Unfortunately I went up to my attic and found that all my stone planters  had disappeared somehow (seem to have sunk into the square section of dirt).  I was also very close to my item limit.  So I ended up retrieving my stone planters and replacing them… which took ages… lol adding in a couple of the knolls which do look very pretty.  I then decided that I couldn’t carry on decorating until I had more space so…. I decided to do a bit of rearranging.  (Halfway through decorating I did 2 Obelisk runs (see below) with very full bags!)  Originally in the basement I had a cosy seating area, kitchen and bar in the large section, a woodworking / snowglobe section and then finally a guest room in the little room.  I removed all the items in the guest area and moved the woodworking section in there.  The bar went into the area between the large section and the small room and finally I spread out the kitchen and cosy area in the large section.  I also placed the redwood room dividers on the walls in this section to make it feel more cosy and less like a dank basement!  I do have more item space now so will be able to improve the attic / bedroom / bathroom etc now 🙂

I don’t roleplay but I do like to decorate houses which somehow suit the character and have some sense of being able to actually live there…  Suzita’s house (along with all my houses…) is still a work in progress so I may post some screenies when it is further along –  those would probably make much more sense than the wall of text above 😛 Anyway I’m sure you were all thrilled by my blithering about my house 😛 so onto the Obelisk runs.

We ended up running 2 instances lol.  The first group was suzita, Dimzad (zerker), Kalyyn (temp), Kajen (swashie), Yharlie (illy), and Seabreeze (Ema’s dirge).  This group was huge amounts of fun, we were all buffed to the eyeballs so the dps was high and the mobs went down very very quickly!  This run was our personal record we did it in just under 30 minutes (and it would have been quicker if we could have stopped the silly speech at the end!)  The last guy also dropped an exquisite chest (yay!) so grats to Seabreeze who got a dirge master 🙂  The rest of the loot was all muted and the plat chest went into guild funds.

For the 2nd run, it ended up being  just the 4 of us, so I switched to my assassin, Dimzad to his zerker, Kal to his pally (with his wizzy on follow blowing things up when he could) and Seabreeze to her warden.  Unsurprisingly, this run took a little longer and we also had a couple of wipes but we finished it in the end 🙂  Just standard loot muted and the plat chest went to guild funds again 🙂  I now have 50 shards (38 will go to Saraya and I have 12 towards suz’s 2nd set).

We don’t have anything planned (except for Friday night) so I’m hoping for some relaxing decorating and alt fun and hopefully we can hit one of the zones we either haven’t finished (veksar / guk) or revisit 2nd Scion or 2nd Obelisk which we have only done once previously .


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