A trip back to Maidens

I’ve started collecting the dreaded statues with Suzita (5/50 *sigh*)  I’ll get there slowly… but surely lol I’m trying to finish an area at a time to make it easier to track which ones I have as there will be periods of time between collecting them.

Last night we did a Maiden’s run for Killians (SK) epic update, so it was myself, Killians, Kalyyn, Jianne (swashie), Polgaia (wizzy) and Seamyst (ema’s illy).  Killians, Polgaia and Jianne hadn’t been through this zone before so it was expected to be good fun. It all went very smoothly as we expected.  The first named seemed to be bugged though – we only got ported twice and his health suddenly seemed to crash and he was dead.  The numbers on ACT didn’t show the amount of damage expected to have caused his health to drop so suddenly…  so very strange but… he was dead so… *shrug*.  Sandstorm, went down on the 3rd or 4th time – its one thing to know the strat but another to put it into practice!  but once everyone had got the hang on it, he went down very easily.  The scorpion guy and the handmaidens went down nice and easily and Drusella went down first time (although it was a very long fight as again the strat needed to be practiced lol).

Its funny but I sometimes get slightly cross when we go back to an old zone which used to be hard.  Pre-TSO we found this zone a real challenge and it wasn’t until we’d got geared up with legendary stuff from the other zones and half of us had our Epics that we were able to finally complete and conquer the zone.  It was Sandstorm who was our nemesis… the rest of the nameds were hard but do-able, we did struggle with the handmaidens a couple of times but nowhere near as badly as Sandstorm lol.  When we finally beat the zone it was such a sense of achievement – we were so chuffed 🙂  So I get slightly cross because when you go back and the zone is so easy it sometimes feels like that achievement has been taken away…  Its probably not the way to look at it.  I expect that its because it is so recent that it grates slightly – I mean I remember at one time Den of the Devourer being challenging, now (even at the right level) it is quite funny to zoom through the zone killing everything which makes the mistake of getting in your way 😉 

I’m feeling slightly instanced out at the moment – so I’m probably going to have a quiet week working on alts and doing the Erollisi quest with various alts, hmm and maybe some crafting.  It’ll be quite nice to take a small break from shard runs – its good to remember that there are other things in the game too 😉  Myself and Dimzad though, have decided that we are not going to do Deep Forge or Scion of Ice again UNLESS its the double shard -we’ve just been through those zones too many times lately lol 😉  Well… we’ll see if that works in practice lol


One comment on “A trip back to Maidens

  1. Seems like a load of folk have been going back to maidens in the last few days.

    I agree with you – it is fun to revisit some of those old zones and see how much more easy they are now compared to when we first used to try them. *sigh* we still died to Sandstorms adds this past weekend tho when they beat on Killy before she could get off her de-aggro.

    I loved going back to Unrest and CMM for my SoD recently too 🙂

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