Catching up…

Its been a quiet week as far as EQ2 has been concerned but quite busy in RL lol. Have been up to a few things though. Tuesday night myself and Emaimee carried on with our Claymore updates in POA – that was fun, we did have a surprise though when we were bounced down the bouncy corridor into a load of green and not very happy droags… They died nice and quick though and we got up to the start of Six O Flock High before baby woke up and I had to log 🙂

I’ve also been working on Pickle’s house (my baby necro) in Neriak. She just has a 1-room apartment which is perfect for a tiny little arasai 😉 Anyway, I’d collected a lot of the ice furniture from the Frostfell event and decided to create a Fire and Ice themed little living space. The Tapestry of Flames and the Jars of Fireflies just look amazing next to the icy blue 🙂 I’ll post a screenie once I’m happier with the layout. My aim has been to have a properly decorated house in each of the major cities… Suzita has her mansion in SQ with a nice woodland area upstairs, a library, and a fish tank as its main features but I have somehow managed to completely use up her allotted item space (even with the house item expander lol). Asirra has a large house in Neriak, this is now partially decorated – getting a very nice chemist themed room going (all blues and greens and alchemical equipment – she is my alchemist), Saraya has a house in Maj’Dul – again partially decorated. Lanegan will be getting a 5 room house in Freeport but she needs to save up status to buy it plus status items for the rent. Merla has a house in Kelethin and as yet I don’t have anyone in Timorous Deep (I got very excited by the windows in those houses! lol) Given the amount of time I have this is probably a slightly futile aim… but its good to have things to do when you don’t want to run around instances, grind AA or lvls, craft etc 😉

Weds night I just did some bank slot sorting and we did the Scion of Ice run (with dbl shard quest from previous day). There were only 5 of us (suzita, emaimee (who switched to her illy for the scribes), dimzad, polgaia (wizzy) poxridden (with kalyyn on follow) so was a little more challenging but it was done in the end 🙂

Last night a few of us helped Killians (SK) with his epic updates – the mob in Neriak went down nice and easy and we then went into the Shard of Fear. This zone is soooo different at lvl 80 with shard gear and epics to how it was when lvls were capped at 70! Still a fun zone though 😉

Not sure what is happening this weekend. There are epic updates happening for other members of the guild so I will help out there if I’m needed, if not hopefully myself and Dimzad can do a few quests in the Moors (I am only 60% AA away from my extra detaunt!! lol) and then hopefully Saturday night we can do some shard runs 🙂 Or it may be time to go back into Veksar… we shall see 😉


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