A quiet night

I’ve nearly finished Cloak of Flames with suzita now – just need to find 20 of those spiderwebs in GF…  I was armed with gnomish divining rods ready to track the little things when I was invited out on a shard run… I was quite torn between finishing the HQ and an instance but one attempt at tracking a spiderweb made me realise I had run out of patience for the time being with this HQ and raced back to the GH for some shard collecting 😉

It was fairly late and the guild was quite quiet so we ended going in with Ashenshugar (Kalyyn’s pally), Emaimee (warden), Suzita (my ranger), Kajen (swashie), Fayana (troubador) and Poxridden (Kal’s wizzy on follow for shards and a bit of extra dps).  For a zone which I’m rather bored with (with a full group we now race through yawning… lol) it ended up being quite a lot of fun.  We killed all the trash with no problems, wiped on the first named for some silly reason, came back and killed him dead.  We then moved onto clearing The Doomsmith’s room… *coughs* yes erm… 2 ranger pulls  which caused a cpl  of group wipes on the trash 😮 stupid auto attack  😛 sorry peeps… lol  anyway that was quite funny but not quite as funny as when Ash started to pull the last trash mob and erm… managed to pull The Doomsmith too.  Most of us hadn’t even hit him and he came and stomped on us…  Fay and Ash had a valiant attempt at running away but he caught them and they went splat too… Honestly I was laughing so hard at watching him go round chasing our group and splatting them that my sides were hurting 😀



The end of the Benny Hill chase 😛

We carried on and got the valves closed with no problems, got all our idols, got our shards and shared out the shinies.  Then it was time for Firelord Kaern…  We wiped twice because Emaimee kept getting picked on to be ported to the middle of the lava… I’m convinced that its not the person who is furthest away from him who gets ported… I’m sure its just random…   So 3rd time lucky – and lucky it was… he dropped an exquisite chest which had a Pally master, a kite shield and a good fighter earring – so lucky old ash lol  It was great fun having Fay’s trouby in our group – I also had amends which meant I could go mad and not worry about pulling agro so myself and Kajen ended up doing great dps (I didn’t have ACT running but Kajen posted a cpl of parses where we both got 4-5k dps) which was loads of fun, and the group overall had a nice high dps so the mobs were going down very quickly – I’m going to miss amends 😦

I was looking through my screenies and and this one makes me smile

hmm wonder what he's playing...

hmm wonder what he's playing...


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