A relaxing weekend :)

Well as the title says… I had a very nice relaxing weekend both in game and in RL 🙂

On Friday night – I took Saraya into Vaults of El’Arad, along with Dimzad (zerker), Seamyst (Ema’s Illy) and Poxridden (wizzy) and Kalyyn. Was nice AA and I levelled to 76 YAY! Afterwards we had a quick run round Obelisk with Dimzad, Kalyyn, Asirra (my assassin), Seethru(coercer), Jianne (swashie) and Seabreeze (Ema’s dirge).  Very nice and quick though the usual stuff dropped and the plat chest was tight 😛 lol

On Saturday we did a quick Scion of Ice run with Dimzad, Senquus (warden), Saraya (my inq), Kajen, Poxridden (Kal’s wizzy) and Seamyst (Ema’s Illy).  Was a very nice run through, Saraya got a couple of nice healer items and a couple of shards too!  By the time she is 80, she should have enough shards for her T1 gear 😀  Ema did very well mezzing Zaza and the healing was well under control throughout the zone.  We only had a couple of sticky moments  and I only died a cpl of times which was an improvement on Sar’s last run through as she was lower lvl and kept being one-shot splatted 😛

The Gang - Saraya in foreground, Kajen and Seamyst to the left, Senquus at the back and Dimzad preparing to pull on the right

Saraya and Poxridden in foreground, Kajen and Seamyst to the left, Senquus at the back and Dimzad on the right



One of my favourite mobs in Scion 🙂

Finally on Saturday night, I took Saraya into Halls of Fate with Kajen.  We slaughtered our way through the zone lol.  At 76 all mobs were at least green and all agro so we were able to kill and get xp for all the nameds in there 🙂  I couldn’t believe how easy it was though…  I kept running past places where I used to know the floor very well indeed lol  The healing was much easier than I thought it would be too 🙂

Suzita finally got to 395/400 tinkering on Sunday night 😀 Not sure what plans we have for the week ahead – I’d quite like to go into Mistmyr Manor or try and get Veksar cleared… but we shall see 🙂


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