Saraya the Vampire Botherer* :P

*haven’t even got Hunter of Vampires on her yet 😛

We were all a little bored last night – wanted to do *something* without too much effort but at the same time I couldn’t face going in Deep Forge, Obelisk, Scion etc again!  So we ended up switching a few alts about and doing some vampire slaying in Evernight Abbey 🙂  The group was Saraya (my inq), Ashenshugar (Kalyyn’s Pally), Hewgo (Dimzad’s conjy), Emaimee (warden), Kajen (swashie) and Yharlie (Illy).

I was really pleased to find that I could pick up all the quests for Evernight Abbey with just one exception (Prince in Peril).  We started clearing towards the first named in the central room, all was going very smoothly until we got to the first side room and the stupid Pythoness had decided to pop there 😛  After a couple of very quick deaths, we decided to go round the other way and deal with her last lol.  

So off we went round to the other side and cleared our way round to the first named in the big central hall.  I normally love fighting this named – being bounced all over the place is loads of fun as a ranger but I figured it wasn’t the best tactic for a healer 😛  So when Ash ran over and stood in the doorway, I followed and hid behind him – I couldn’t actually see anything apart from pretty illusionist spells, the back of Ash and occasionally the named leaping forward…. but I didn’t need to lol just concentrated on the health bars and healed, debuffed and swung my big hammer 😛  I think he dropped some mute fodder and we went to the next named in the little room who went down easily. 

We then went to the shard chest – got our shards 🙂 and then killed the 4 vampires and got our buffs etc.  Myself and Ema were given the task of warding against the holy water rain – which somehow we failed miserably the first 2 times and the group had nasty sizzling smoking deaths.  So it was 3rd time lucky with all group members getting the ward and everyone spamming.  Ash also had some rather nifty macros for the burning sun danger ‘GET OUT!! GET OUT!!’ and ‘BACK IN!! BACK IN!!’  For some reason these made me really giggle and we all ended shouting our own versions like ‘Panic!!’, ‘Run away!!!!’ and ‘Heeeeelp!’ which did stop action for a little while 😛  Poor tanks…. they do their best to keep us all alive and informed of strategies… and we just take the mickey and start behaving like schoolchildren…  I apologise O Mighty Sir Ashenshugar 😛

Zoomed off down to the Jail – only sticky moment there was when Kajen accidentally pulled half the room with Hurricane lol (yes yes ok I will mention stupid ranger pulls in future – they far outnumber the rest of the group!) but after some full on healing we recovered, killed the named and updated quests.  So…. just the pythoness left …

We cleared the extra adds in the room which hadn’t helped our previous 2 attempts.  We had a few tries at her and Ash was just dying so quickly and then we were all stunned, we thought we just weren’t going to do it with this group (previous kills had had Kalyyn’s Sanctuary running)  I suggested calling it as it was late but as we had 10% armour left we thought we may as well go the whole hog and have 1 last try.  So this time with Kajen’s AOE blocker, Hewgo’s stoneskin, Ema had a useful debuff, Yharlie mezzing/stunning, Ash pre-warding etc, I pre-reactive healed as usual and pre-healed with my big heal  – WE DID IT!  She went down soooo quickly and easily you would never have believed we had been throwing ourselves futilely at her for a while lol  so we did a victory dance on her corpse and left the zone with some powders/infusions, a nice healer cloak for me, a mage item for Yharlie, a pally master for Ash and 2 shards 😀  I handed in my quests and I only need 20% to lvl 76 now 🙂

So a great night after all 🙂  I was so busy concentrating on healing though I forgot to take some screenies 😦


5 comments on “Saraya the Vampire Botherer* :P

  1. Grats on taking Pythoness down – she really is a nasty nasty bugger.

    Truth is I was very excited about solo healing Evernight including her too this last weekend, but that was with our mains. No where near as cool as you guys doing it on alts 🙂 Well done!

  2. lol sry for posting on an old one but just to correct that room pull was me accidently hitting one of my AoE’s *whistles* not hurricane for a change lol

  3. lol sorry i stand corrected 😉 ah… i do feel bad for mentioning it now though :(…. i mean how many room pulls have you done and how many have i? (i think mine must be in the region of 300 to your 3 or something?!) I think I did 3 on the trot in the first room in Obelisk the other night… *ranger hides*

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