Befallen: Cavern of the Afflicted

Now this is a fun zone lol  The first time we came in here (myself, dimzad, emaimee, kalyyn, kajen and cerebro) we had huge amounts of fun and deaths trying to figure this zone out!  But figure it out we did, with judicious use of Feign Death and Call of the Tinkerer 😛  that’s such a handy item lol  (suzita is nearly there 350/400 tinkerer!)  Those slow moving groups of repopping mobs are just too funny.  I think we cleared this zone in mid-December and we hadn’t been back in there since.  

So we ended up doing a mentored version of Befallen so that Magania could group up as the HQ night had to be rescheduled.  So the group was Kajen (swashie), Yharlie (illy), Magania (50 conjy), I took Saraya (inq), Kal took Ashenshugar (80 pally) and Dimzad brought Glarim (78 coercer).  Just as Ash pulled I crashed 😛  great start lol.  The next pull started off fine and we moved round to the Maledictive Terror with practically the whole of the first floor on us – I was healing like crazy!  We managed to get the Terror down just before I could no longer keep up the healing fortunately and we wiped lol.  Still at least that meant the first floor would no longer repop so we cleared the floor and killed the first named.  Jumped down to the 2nd floor, cleared the skelly’s round there and killed The Jester – I’d forgotten about him and nearly caused a wipe because as he got to 10% I cast Verdict but forgot he changes into millions of little Jesters at that point so Verdict couldn’t work and I was quite shocked by the change and forgot to heal for a bit!  Luckily the rest of the group were on the ball and we recovered.  We killed a skelly in the corridor and strangely enough the Jester repopped…  So he died again 😛

We cleared the Carrion Queen room but wiped a couple of times cos we had forgotten our strat so decided to get her at the end.  The burning skeleton named went down fine – had to heal properly on this fight as we had a few adds (we then remembered that they depopped at the fires if you didn’t engage them lol).  We then started clearing the repopping skellys on the 2nd floor – it was going really really well until I managed to pull an extra group in, I died, then the group did 😦  Well, we picked ourselves up, ran back down and cleared round to the 2nd Terror, killed him and then killed the skellys lol  The Bonegrinder went down nice and easy and dropped a nice mage piece for Magania and we went back up to the Carrion Queen.   We remembered our strat this time and she went down nicely.  The rest of the loot in the zone wasn’t suitable for any group members but we did get disco on a few items. 

It was the first zone I’d solo healed and although it was mentored I still found it a good challenge at times which I really liked.  I need to start healing in zones which will stretch and improve my healing abilities so I can really get to know my inq properly.  I’m really keeping my fingers crossed that the new incoming Heirloom tag will include pieces of Faction armour so that suzita can buy saraya the Battlecleric set – it seems like that may be a good solo set and use the shard set for group situations.  I need to check this out properly though.  Saraya has just started on the Fens timeline and I can’t bear the thought of re-doing all those repeatable quests for faction 😛  I’m only re-doing this timeline because I have to really as I’ve already done with suzita and asirra.  I do like ROK but its too soon still to be redoing quests which still seem quite fresh… Will have to grit my teeth and get on with it as saraya needs the xp and AA 😉

The heirloom tag on void shards is going to create some agonising decisions for me lol.  Currently, Suzita needs her T2 armour, Asirra needs her T1 armour, some shard jewellery and needs to finish her epic so she will be useful in the lower TSO instances.  I also need to gear up Saraya with T1 initially and to T2 when I can as she is my 2nd character (having another plate healer means we will be able to switch between alts if Dimzad wants a night off tanking (kal takes Ash and I ‘replace’ Kal)).   So originally each character was going to save their own shards and fulfil my aims (slowly quite possibly lol).  Now though… who do I kit out first?  suzita or saraya? and poor asirra… lol  I *think* I will get Saraya the T1 set first as this is a fairly low cost and then get Suzita’s T2 set (as suzita can quite often stay out of range of AOEs if necessary so I may be able to get away with not having crit mit on her for a while…).  Asirra will have to stay semi-retired for a while…

anyway enough blithering on…. see you all soon 🙂


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