Deathfist Citadel

We had a fun run on alts in Deathfist Citadel Tues night – I took Merla my warden and the rest of the group were Koni (Kajen’s Guardian), Fender (Dimzad’s briggy), Karnag (Kal’s briggy), Wolfsong (warden) and Yharlie (illy).  Koni and Merla completed the Rescue of the Greenhoods HQ and Koni and Wolfsong completed Training is a Shield.  Huge thanks to dimzad, kalyyn and yharlie for coming along to help 🙂  The group was rather overpowered due to mentoring which did mean the zone was very easy to complete but on the other hand that did mean we finished at a reasonable time on a weeknight 😉  I do like DFC though, it is a fun zone with lots of nameds and lots of orcs to kill!  I do have a nostalgia for the days when Fyst was epic though.  The loot was awful though – one ornate chest which had… wait for it…. deathfist arrows 😛  ah well that’s the way it goes I suppose.

Not sure what we will be up to tonight – we’ve picked up the double shard quest for Befallen so we may do that although there is also a HQ event on which may need our help – we shall see 😉


4 comments on “Deathfist Citadel

  1. we mentored to 43 (the grp was wolfsong 36, koni 46, merla 51, fender 43, karnag 54, yharlie 80) the zone was very very easy. There are tons of quests in there now so it is probably well worth doing 🙂 I think the mobs were mostly green in there and going up to white for main bosses…. so you could probably go a little lower if necessary.

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