First venture in Guk :)

After having a very relaxing day on Saturday organising bank slots and starting the betrayal process for Tanzi, we formed a guild group to take on Guk: Halls of the Fallen.  We haven’t been in here before so we were looking forward to the challenge!  And a challenge it was lol.  It was the usual suspects of Dimzad, my ranger, Emaimee, Kalyyn, Kajen and Yharlie.  The small puzzles to open rooms were fun, Dimzad had to rethink pulling patterns for trash mobs with the agro radius differing from usual and vanishing frogs :P, lots of group mobs which Dimzad liked, and a nice mixture of dead easy nameds and tricky tricky ones!  The zone was absolutely stunning to look at – lots of sparkly bushes (inc one which is a house item :)) and phosphorescing walls and ceilings.  

We did the zone over 2 nights as it was taking us quite a while, being first time through and we did manage to take down all the nameds apart from Lord Kermit (ahem Lord Kerpup :P).  The only nameds we had problems with was him and Froppit the Everliving.  Froppit is easy though once you have figured out the pattern of where to run/stand, order to clear etc.  We always seem to get to the hard nameds at the end of the evening though lol – we didn’t get to Froppit until 12.30 am on Saturday night (we started the zone late too lol) and got to Kermit at around 11.00 on Sunday night.   We know we can take down Kermit too – we just need to get the right strat for him.

My favourite fight was with the dragon in front of his hoard.  Once we found the necklace – the fight went fairly smoothly.  For a good portion of the fight, it was just myself, Dimzad and Kalyyn – the others having been splatted by the AOE.  Fortunately by the time he was down to 25%, I had the stun/necklace use pattern down, Kal had Dimzad’s health well under control and was able to then rez Ema, Kaj and Yharlie 🙂 He went down very quickly once they were back up!  He didn’t seem to do too much damage aside from the AOE, the most annoying thing being his fear but that was fortunately quite short.  Anyway I loved my ranger power on that fight! 


Ooo sparkly shiny treasure!

Ooo sparkly shiny treasure!

We have a few guild event nights on this week – status raising writs (we’re at guild lvl 76 so not far to go to 80!), a DFC run on the cards for alts and Speak as a Dragon starter for alts / newer members too.  Hopefully will get some time for Dimzad and myself to carry on with some quests in the Moors – we’ve been shockingly slack and have only got to the Firmroot Moot series :O  We’ve been so busy doing shard runs to get our T1 gear etc lol


3 comments on “First venture in Guk :)

  1. Lol 😉 Well…. AA … got to get those end-line abilities *sigh* sorry it was the best I could come up with 😛 its not been enough to get us going either 😉

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