Well finally managed to get Saraya to lvl 75 last night.  I’d managed to get her to 96% when I was asked if I wanted to do 2 dbl shard runs in Obelisk (asirra and suz) – well I got all excited that Saraya only needed 4% to lvl and could finally enter OOA so I asked if I could take her instead of asirra!, so St Kal was lovely enough to give me some shinies which dinged me 😀 and poxridden (wizzy) ported me to the Moors as I hadn’t collected the shrub there yet.  I was so excited and in such a rush (was keeping the group waiting while I faffed around trying to ding) that I didn’t remember until I’d zoned in that I needed to be lvl 79 to be able to do the dbl shard mission 😛 lol  oh well never mind it was fun going round the zone in a different role 🙂

I’m still getting the hang of the inquisitor – she did start off being a templar but I betrayed her at lvl 55 as the Guild did not have a high lvl inq but did have a max lvl temp and I was curious to see the dark side of the cleric path 😉  I think that at the moment I see my inquisitor being very useful as a 2nd healer, melee buffer, debuffer and some dps.  I think once I get to 80, have some proper gear (my gear is actually very embarrassing) and have some more practice she will be able to solo heal well too.    I was 2nd healing to Gwyanne (80 mystic) and I was a bit worried initially as I didn’t know how wards and reactives would work together and my direct heals are incredibly slow…  but they actually worked very well – obviously my reactives didn’t proc when wards were up, but they did proc when wards ran out etc – so I was quite pleased 🙂   We managed to keep Poxridden mostly alive too 😛  I love my Verdict spell too (reduces HP to 1 if under a certain %), though when Killians, Poxridden (wizzy alt of Kalyyn), Yharlie and Hewgo (conjy alt of Dimzad) really got going there was no point in using it as it needs 1.5 secs to act.  I have it macro’d to say ‘I AM THE LAW! (verdict used)’ as there is a kind of judge dredd feel about it somehow 😛  It keeps the group amused and it still makes me laugh along with my ‘Ding Ding! Bring out your dead!’ group rez macro 😛

Anyway after that run, I logged to suzita and we ran the zone again with Dimzad, Kalyyn, Emaimee and Kajen.  So got my shards that time 😉  I now have a full set of T1 armour and set of T2 jewellery so am now saving up for the T2 armour.  To be honest, aside from the future value of crit mit (we haven’t got to those zones yet), there isn’t really much point in gearing up to T2…  The stats aren’t that much better tbh and the 5 set bonus doesn’t increase the ranged DA value from the T1 set BUT the melee DA does increase 😦  Really unfair…  They have done a much better job with itemisation for Rangers in this expansion but there are still some very curious omissions and decisions.

I have the in-laws visiting today and they have all gone for a walk down the seafront and they will have lunch at a cafe there.  I actually have the house to myself for a couple of hours and I am completely… and utterly… on my own!  It is such a novelty these days that I don’t really know what to do with myself!  I thought I’d mess around on here for a bit and then probably log on and sort out my bank slots for all my alts :O and maybe muck about with a baby alt.

Not sure what we’re up to this evening either.  There is talk of a DFC run for Kajen’s Guardian alt, so I may well join in with that with possibly my warden.  That shouldn’t take too long so there is always a chance of another TSO zone to run too.


2 comments on “Yay!

  1. Hey girlie,

    A Shaman and Cleric heal INCREDIBLY well together. The reactives and big direct heals of the Cleric are a perfect complement to Shamans wards. For the last few months I have healed with a mystic and it really is a great combination.

    IMHO all classes of healers make wonderful healers depending on how you want to concentrate your energies with that character. I have seen poor and exceptional healers of every class. I have even healed together with a dps/utility spec Inquis and we had a lot of fun. Oh and VERDICT FTW absolutely.

  2. Heya 🙂 Thanks – yes they did work well together 🙂 Its nice to hear that they do make a very good team 😀 I’m really looking forward to taking her out to the TSO instances – I have to have a completely different head on to play her (rather than my ranger) and its a nice change.

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