Bah to Grinding and to Veksar :P

I managed to complete Crusade to Faydwer with suz yesterday.  Onto Knights in the Round and the dreaded 50 statues… lol  I never tried very hard with this quest line at the time, I think mainly because I was pretty annoyed that there was no Bow reward and it was a huge amount of effort for a kinda bleh reward.  I thought I’d pick it up now for AA reasons plus I was part way through it and I’m trying to clear out my Journal.  I only have space for 8 quests which is quite tight especially as I still have the majority of the Moors timeline to do.  I’m just so grateful you now get AA for grey quests.  

I took Saraya (inq) out for a spin in the Fens yesterday trying to get her to level 75 so she can start picking up the single shard missions.  She needed about 30% and I managed to get her to 11% to level.  It didn’t go very well at all really, I kept dying, got very fed up and then died some more…. so I was very grateful that I could switch to suz for a Veksar run (it being the double shard mission).  Well, tbh, I wasn’t really in the mood for levelling saraya last night – I was adventuring with her because I felt I SHOULD get her to 75 rather than playing her cos I wanted to…  Lesson learnt I suppose. 

Anyways, we had a guild group run into Veksar.  We hadn’t really been in this zone before so it was all new and shiny 🙂  Myself, Dimzad (zerker), Kalyyn (temp) and Emaimee (warden) had got part way through as a group of 4 before the TSO expansion but none of us had ventured in since.  So the 4 of us plus Killians (SK) and Yharlie (illy) jumped into the icky stinky sewer waters of Veksar ready to kick some yha lei butt.  Its a really fun zone with a few quests (yep AA’s are really on my  mind at the mo lol).  The first named went down nice and easy and we moved onto the next named.   I forget his name but this was very fun – making a mini-me golem to fight the big nasty epic golem – this named also went down nice and easy with lots of giggles from us  (well I expect the guys might like me to say that they laughed in a more masculine way- chortled?! – but Ema and I definitely giggled ;)) Updated our page quest and went on through to Cribblekeep (yes I remember his name…)  Bah what a git!  It was getting pretty late (coming up to midnight and poor Killians is an hr ahead of us) and we just couldn’t get a strat to work…  We wiped so many times I began to think I was a dishcloth lol  Well actually when he hit me, I went down so fast I think my armour may have been made of a scrappy old dishcloth 😛  We’re going back in tonight after helping some guildies with their epics.  I think going in with fresh heads will do the trick – we did end up ‘cheating’ and looking up a strat on him and I think we just need to perfect that and he’ll be dead.

Kalyyn has changed his look and now is looking very priestly and pure 😛 – his new nickname is Saint Kal.  Here’s a screenie of Saint Kal giving us a sermon (well telling us the cheaty strat)


Saint Kal

Saint Kal


3 comments on “Bah to Grinding and to Veksar :P

  1. very good sue, great summary of the nights action! lol love the screenshot of saint kal!!!
    i know we can get past that named!!!!! was so infuriating ! i know saint kal has a new strategy, so im afraid we have another boring sermon to come ;( lol
    i’ll bring biscuits and we can sit at the back !

  2. thanks kilanna – we got sidetracked by the dbl shard in obelisk so will have to get our revenge in veksar another day 🙂 Hope you have fun 🙂

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