New blog :)

I started messing around with a blog on our guild’s guildportal page – I started really enjoying it, even though my intention was just to use it as ‘personal’ notes and a record of what I get up to (I was quite shocked when I saw that people had read my blog lol and realised that I needed to write for an audience even if small or currently non existent ;))  Anyway after reading Kilanna’s blog, I was inspired to both write a ‘proper’ blog and to move my blog to here as it is much prettier!

So this blog will be a record of achievements, funny moments, thoughts about the game and probably a few To Do lists and nerdy notes 😛 lol  I also need to find my blog ‘voice’, this is all very new to me and I do feel that my posts don’t read as well as they could… Still it will come I’m sure – practice and editing ftw 😛 lol


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