A date with Najena

Well we made our mark in Lavastorm last night lol.  We firstly completed the double shard mission from the previous day in Najena’s Hollow, plus the single shard daily mission, we then opened up a Deep Forge instance to get our updates for the Thread of Hope HQ and ended up completing the zone and the single shard mission in there too lol  We then finally completed the Thread of Hope HQ by killing the Spirit of Elements epic x 2 (ok ok, this mob was lvl 55 and rather grey lol)

It was a great guild group – with suzita my ranger, my boyfriend’s dwarven Berserker Dimzad, Emaimee (warden), Kalyyn (temp), Kajen (swashie) and Yharlie (illy).  I think the nicest thing about guild groups is that we have huge amounts of fun going round zones even if we have stupid (or not so stupid…) wipes or silly deaths.  I died a few times because of agro ‘issues’ and emaimee died after following the ranger who jumped down a few  levels to the next area,  ‘floated like a brick’ was Kalyyn’s comment lol.

Yharlie dinged 80 halfway through Najena’s Hollow so we had a firework display and snowball fight to celebrate 🙂  But like Kajen said, how on earth do we have a snowball fight in the middle of lavastorm?! lol probably magic i guess 😛

I used to feel sick running round the see through paths in Solusek eye… running from the top down to the bottom of this staircase is even worse lol  The new zones are just so beautiful though and brilliantly scripted 🙂  As a guild we’ve been trying to find our own strats to the zones rather than reading walkthroughs, it means the repair bills are higher but it is much more fun.


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